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How To Transfer Rank And Money In GTA Online

Learn here what you need to do to transfer your rank and money to different characters.
How To Transfer Rank And Money In GTA Online

GTA Online is a game that has been out for many years now and there are people who have been playing ever since the game started. And there is plenty of reason to keep playing. Rockstar has added much content to the game, especially with each new DLC drop. Thanks to that, GTA Online players can engage with a ton of content.

But sometimes, even veteran players will want to start as fresh as possible again. Maybe they want to create a new business location, get a new property, or another reason. Or maybe they are playing on a new console and want to transfer their progress elsewhere. If you are interested in making a new character in GTA Online, we teach you how to transfer your rank and your money to that new character.

Can I Transfer Money And Rank From One GTA Online Character To Another?

GTA Online Transfer Rank And Money
Vehicles are not shared between characters in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Yes, you can transfer money and rank from one GTA Online character to another. GTA Online is a game that is all about getting your money as high as possible and getting the most RP as possible as well. Rockstar knows how much of a grind it is to rank up in GTA Online, so they made it possible to transfer both money and rank.

So that is why when people ask "Is it possible to transfer my money and rank in GTA Online" to a new character, we say yes you can. The transfer process is actually pretty easy. And the best part is that if you transfer money and rank from your first character, you do not lose any progress. So feel free to transfer your money and rank to as many characters as you want in GTA Online.

How Can I Transfer My Money And Rank In GTA Online?

GTA Online How To Transfer Money And Rank Between Characters
Sharing rank and money between characters is easy in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

You can transfer your money and your rank in GTA Online through the process of creating another character. In GTA Online, the money that you have in your bank will transfer between characters. So any money you want to transfer in GTA Online, make sure it is in your bank account and it will transfer over.

As for your rank, you will need to start to create a new character for this to happen. While you are creating a second character, the game will ask "Do you want to transfer rank from character 1 to character 2." You will need to hit "Yes, transfer rank" and your second character will have both your rank and your money from the bank account.

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