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How To Get Turbo Track Start In GTA Online

Learn everything you need to know about how to do a Turbo Start in GTA Online races.
How To Get Turbo Track Start In GTA Online

When it comes to GTA Online, players love to spend their time in free mode, roaming around the map and doing small missions with other players. In addition, there are also game modes like death matches, races, and relays for players to try out. Although these games may have lower stakes, they're still extremely competitive, and you'll need every advantage you can get.

That said, if you're looking to dominate the races in GTA Online, you'll want to master the art of the Turbo Start in GTA Online. Here, we will go over exactly how you can do a Turbo Start in GTA Online so you can jump ahead of other racers. So, rev your engines, and let's go!

How To Turbo Start In GTA Online During A Race?

GTA Online Turbo Start
Learning Turbo Starts can help you get ahead in GTA Online races. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Races are pretty simple but very competitive in GTA Online. So knowing how to do a Turbo Start could be the difference between winning and losing. After all, Rockstar Games made driving a priority in GTA Online. Thankfully, getting a Turbo Start is pretty easy.

When the countdown for a race starts, do not push down on the acceleration button. Try not to push any other button, either. When the timer says "GO!" you need to push the acceleration button to get a Turbo Start. You will know you successfully did a Turbo Start in GTA Online when the screen flashes for a second and your car starts moving very quickly.

Although it sounds simple, the window of opportunity to get a Turbo Start is tight. It might take a couple of tries for you to get the hang of activating it.

Are Turbo Starts Important In GTA Online Races?

We believe that mastering Turbo Starts is very important for GTA Online races. The main reason is that GTA Online races are competitive and get dirty very quickly. For example, some players will ram you off the track if you are near them. When you get a Turbo Start, you are ahead of the pack. You will have that extra distance between you and the other players, and if you drive well, your competition will not catch up to you. So if you want to have as clean of a race as possible, mastering Turbo Starts is the way to go.

GTA Online Turbo Start
Getting a Turbo Start means you will be less likely to be rammed off the race track by other players. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

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