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How To Turn Off Voice Chat In GTA Online

You can turn off voice chat in GTA Online to avoid toxic players. Here's how it works.
How To Turn Off Voice Chat In GTA Online

One of GTA Online's biggest issues is the lack of dedicated servers. It means at any given time, you could find yourself on a server full of toxic players.

It happens more than often in GTA Online, and you may find yourself in a lobby where someone is blasting music or spitting some racial slur. To avoid those situations, sometimes it's best to turn down the voice chat in the game. As such, here's our guide explaining how to turn off voice chat in GTA Online. 

How To Turn Off Voice Chat In GTA Online

gta online voice chat settings
You can customise your voice chat settings in the Interactions menu. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Turning off voice chat in GTA Online is quite simple. Just follow the steps below, and it should work. 

  • Load into an online session.
  • Open the Interactions Menu (M on PC, touchpad on PS4/PS5, view button on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S).
  • Navigate the Interaction Menu and click on 'voice chat'.
  • Select who can hear you and who you can through voice. This option includes 'Everyone', 'Crew', 'Friends', 'Crew+Friends', and 'No One'.
  • Selecting 'No One' will turn off voice chat for you in GTA Online.
    Alternatively, you can select either of the other options to enable voice chat in GTA Online.

And that's everything you need to know about turning voice chat on and off in GTA Online. 

voice chat setting gta online
All the changes you make to the voice chat are permanent in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

It's important to note that the changes you make in the Interactions Menu are permanent, meaning if you alter the voice chat setting once, it will remain the same every time you log in.

It's a neat feature that should come in handy when playing GTA Online in a public lobby with strangers.

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