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Best Hydra Bob Decks In Marvel Snap

He may be cowardly in the comics, but the heroic yet dastardly Hydra agent, Bob, looks to reunite with Deadpool in Marvel Snap's latest season.
Best Hydra Bob Decks In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

Marvel Snap's July 2024 will officially get underway with "Maximum Effort" as a themed season based on the upcoming MCU film Deadpool & Wolverine, which sees plenty of Deadpool's notable allies and enemies joining the chaos. With Cassandra Nova coming to the game via the new limited-time game mode, Deadpool's Diner, another Deadpool ally other than Wolverine, will be making his in-game debut faster than he can escape it, and he goes by Hydra Bob.

Known in Marvel Comics as Bob, Agent of HYDRA, this character becomes the first card in-game to have an ability linked to a prominent or key mechanic that all players take advantage of to maximize the stakes and be rewarded as such. Let's look at this scamping character by understanding its ability to identify key synergies and compiling some early decks to start the new season within Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Hydra Bob Card Abilities Explained

In Deadpool's comic book history, the Merc with a Mouth has encountered many unique characters other than Spider-Man and Wolverine and teamed up with them. Deadpool also had his fair share of interesting allies, like Robert Dobalina, also known as Bob, Agent of HYDRA, whom he encountered during one of his missions and would eventually become an "honorary member" of Agency X.

Like Gwendolyn "Gwen" Poole (Gwenpool), Bob, Agent of HYDRA, doesn't possess any powers or intensive training other than knowing how to run away from conflict. This known detail of Bob's has been mirrored for his in-game debut for the new season of Marvel Snap, in which he'll be debuting as Hydra Bob for the card battler game.

Hydra Bob is a one-Cost and four Power card when he releases for the new season, which he has a Special ability that makes him synergize with Move decks. When Hydro Bob is in play, he can move likely to a random location after each turn if a player has Snapped, which his ability can be likened to Silk but with a different condition to meet.

As for acquisition, Hydra Bob will be available in the first week of the "Maximum Effort" season in July 2024 through the Token Shop using Collector's Tokens. Alternatively, players can also use the Spotlight Keys earned from every 120 Collection Levels to unlock Spotlight Caches.

Best Marvel Snap Hydra Bob Decks: Bob Goes Zoo

With the protection of Caiera, fill up locations with one-Cost cards to restrict Hydra Bob's movement when a player Snaps. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

As mentioned before, Hydra Bob will move to a random location after each turn if a player has Snapped that turn. One of Bob's top synergy cards is Miles Morales: Spider-Man, which gives players the fastest and cheapest way of playing him early.

While Hydra Bob's rather strict condition makes it easy for their opponent to manipulate Bob's movement during a match, one of the best ways to prevent this from occurring is by slotting him in a Zoo deck from Marvel Snap content creator Docty. This deck will see plenty of low-Cost cards filling up locations, like Squirrel Girl and Shanna the She-Devil, to limit Bob's movements should the player or their opponent Snaps and most importantly, they will be protected by Caiera, which should make it much safer to play more one-Cost cards.

As with most Zoo decks, they will be supported by some key cards, other than Caiera, like Ant-Man, Dazzler, Ka-Zar, and Blue Marvel, to grant cards or locations power buffs to gain location priority. Following the release of Gilgamesh, he can be played on the last turn should they manage to get Ant-Man, Dazzler, and either Ka-Zar or Blue Marvel on the board before playing Gilgamesh.

Best Marvel Snap Hydra Bob Decks: Cerebro-4 (C4)

Hydra Bob makes a great addition to Cerebro-4 (C4) decks for an early power advantage. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Not only is Miles Morales: Spider-Man a great synergy for Hydra Bob, but so too is Cerebro, for which plenty of unique deck variations have found success within the meta. As Hydra Bob has one of the highest base power values as a one-Cost card without any downsides, he definitely has great value within a Cerebro deck once Cerebro is played, giving it +2 Power until higher Powered cards have been played.

With this Cerebro-4 deck from Marvel Snap content creator ReZ Snapper, the biggest concern is that it features two cards that can get more than four Power, like Thena and Havok, which players must manipulate to avoid this drawback. This does mean meeting Thena's condition until she has four Power before playing more than two cards for them to get the power buff from Cerebro, which ability can be copied by Mystique but will come at the cost of Ms. Marvel being less effective for which they can swap out for Mister Fantastic.

The next concern is preventing it from being destroyed by Killmonger, which Armor or Caiera can factor in, and if they're not happy with where Bob is currently located, they can play Cloak to move him elsewhere. Lastly, they will have access to Storm for a lockdown-type situation and Scarlet Witch (or Magik) to change a location they're not happy with or to get that last play to gain priority on a location.

Best Marvel Snap Hydra Bob Decks: Bob's Priority Trap

Force your opponent into playing in one location with Cosmo and Mystique to give Hydra Bob more space to move. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Another deck, courtesy of Marvel Snap content creator ReZ Snapper, is a new creation that they came up with during the Spotlight Location for the Eternals' Ark, forcing players to play in one location after Turn 5. This deck plays quite similarly as it forces players into one location, which Hydra Bob can take advantage of by being paired with some key cards.

The centerpieces of this deck are Cosmo and Mystique, for which once Cosmo is played, Mystique can be followed up in the next turn to copy Cosmo and pushes players in one location if they have On Reveal cards within Destroy, Discard, and Clog decks. We probably do advise playing White Widow beforehand as they'll struggle to get rid of the Widow's Kiss card, which can't be destroyed and gives a location negative power, but Green Goblin is a good substitute if they don't have White Widow.

This makes it safe to play Nebula and Martyr at Cosmo or Mystique's location and Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the same lanes or the non-impacted location, granted they have priority in that turn for her ability to be triggered. Lastly, should they have priority on the last turn, this makes it the best opportune moment to play Alioth, who won't be the target of Shang-Chi due to the priority for that turn and give them enough power to get the win.

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