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Best Gwenpool Decks In Marvel Snap

Start the new season of Marvel Snap with "Maximum Effort" and the newest Season Pass card, Gwenpool, with these fourth wall-breaking decks.
Best Gwenpool Decks In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

The July 2024 season of Marvel Snap sees the card battler game teaming up with Marvel Studios to bring its new themed crossover promotion for the upcoming MCU film Deadpool & Wolverine. This sees new Deadpool and Wolverine-themed content, including a new limited-time game mode, Deadpool's Diner, new variants, and, of course, new cards.

With five cards added to the game throughout the season, a new Season Pass card has been unveiled so that players can enjoy the chaos of the new season with the metafictional Gwenpool. In the guide, we've detailed the card's in-game abilities, outlined its key synergies, and highlighted three decks to try out in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Gwenpool Card Abilities Explained

Gwendolyn "Gwen" Poole originally started out in 2015 as an alternative cover variant for Gwen Stacy based on Deadpool's design before joining the pantheon of Marvel characters. She officially debuted in the comic series for Howard the Duck in 2015 and has since enjoyed multiple appearances and eventual comic book runs as Gwenpool, joining various superhero assembles like the West Coast Avengers.

While she started with no magical or superhero-type abilities, she possesses interesting powers that have helped thwart enemies and has also received exceptional weaponry training, making her quite a powerful character to face. Like Deadpool, she also possesses fourth-wall-breaking capabilities to help players turn the tides in their favorite Marvel Snap.

Gwenpool is a four-Cost and six Power card upon her release, which comes with an On Reavl ability to choose a random card thrice and give them +2 Power. This card makes her synergistic with multiple cards to have her trigger this ability as many times as possible, like the Grand Master, Wong, and Absorbing Man, which numerous cards like Sebastian Shaw greatly benefit from.

Gwenpool will arrive in Marvel Snap as the Season Pass card for the Maximum Effort season, which players can obtain. They can also wait until she arrives at the Token Shop in the future, for which they can spend Collector's Tokens.

Best Marvel Snap Gwenpool Decks: Good Cards Poolslayer

Take advantage of Ravonna Renslayer's ability to discount core cards and get them buffed courtesy of Gwenpool. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

With Gwenpool being an On Reveal card, naturally, counters like Cosmo will be frequently seen in decks throughout its release. While Cosmo isn't too challenging to counter, Ongoing cards and cards with Special abilities can take advantage of this counter, like this Ravonna Renslayer variation of the Good Cards deck from Marvel Snap content creator Docty.

This deck is relatively "cheap" to play given a number of low-Cost cards that can take advantage of Cosmo with Renslayer discounting that costs one Energy and less, like Kitty Pryde, Thena, Sage, and Iron Man. Ideally, players will want to play Gwenpool before Sage and Iron Man to bump up its Power from 0 to +2, with Mysterio getting buffed to six Power, which will also hit his Illusions.

The downside of Gwenpool's ability is the Renslayer interaction, which, if it hits Sage and Iron Man, won't be discounted. This does make it more difficult to play unless they swap out a card for Sera if they don't start with Renslayer in the hard or draw it before Gwenpool. 

Best Marvel Snap Gwenpool Decks: Surfing With Gwenpool

Sebastian Shaw has found a new synergistic card in Gwenpool for maximum power once she's played. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Given Gwenpool's ability to give three random cards +2 Power each time, a handful of cards can significantly benefit from this power buff, like Black Panther and Sebastian Shaw. With Sebastian Shaw being a centerpiece in Silver Surfer decks, Gwenpool feels like a natural card to insert into these decks and the recently released Phastos to maximize the power buff these cards could gain.

This Surfer Pool deck from Marvel Snap content creator ItsGuestGaming is a prime example of this new Surfer variant deck, which pairs Gwenpool and Phastos with other power-buffing cards. These include Nova and Dazzler with Absorbing Man added to copy Silver Surfer or Gwenpool's ability for further buffs across the board.

Ultimately, players will want to get Dazzler, Mysterio, and Phastos on the board within the few turns as Makkari will get onto the board per her condition and hope that their opponent has Killmonger in their hand or deck to destroy it. Once Gwenpool is played, players will likely have three Cost cards remaining in their hand and deck, which makes the last few turns relatively easy to play with Silver Surfer played on the last turn.

Best Marvel Snap Gwenpool Decks: Buffing For Pool Jobs

Pair Gwenpool with other notable power-buffing cards like America Chavez, Okoye, and Nakia. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

With the current state of Marvel Snap, we've seen plenty of cards with power buffing capabilities that can lead to unique synergies in-game. As mentioned before, Sebastian Shaw is one of the biggest cards that synergizes almost too well with Gwenpool, but with this card's release, it's high time that Shaw can be played outside of the Silver Silver deck.

This is the case with this power buff-hungry deck from Marvel Snap content creator ReZ Snapper, which removes Shaw from Surfer decks and pairs it with other notable power buff cards, like America Chavez, Okoye, Nakia, and Phastos. Players must set up Gwenpool by playing Chavez, Okoye, and Nakia to buff the cards in their hand or deck, depending on their condition, then getting Phastos and Gwenpool on the board before Grand Master can be played.

Players will want to play Gwenpool before Grand Master to trigger her ability again, for which they can get Black Panther, Gilgamesh, or Nimrod onto the board in the remaining turns. Arnim Zola can be played to either retrigger Gwenpool's ability when destroyed and copied at other locations or target more specific cards, like Black Panther, Gilgamesh, or Nimrod, for victory.

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