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GTA Online "BallsTorture" Hack Is Back And Annoying Fans

Ballstorture is back and is annoying GTA Online players with their hack of sending mass invites and spam messages through Lester.
GTA Online "BallsTorture" Hack Is Back And Annoying Fans

Rockstar has been known to not have the best security for their data. After all, GTA 6 was leaked extremely early due to the fact that their security is not the best compared to other video game companies. The lack of security has plagued a large number of Rockstar's games, including GTA Online.

Because of the lack of security, people can easily hack or manipulate online servers to annoy those who want to play the game normally. And right now, the infamous "BallsTorture" is back with another hack. This is especially bad timing because the Last Dose missions are finally out and players are having to suffer through these hackers.

What Is The BallsTorture Hack In GTA Online?

GTA Online Ballstorture Hack
Ballstorture is sending spam messages through Lester in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

A recent Reddit post has appeared in the GTAOnline subreddit and it talks about how another BallsTorture hack is going around in GTA Online servers. BallsTorture is a known GTA Online hacker that in the past, has sent mass invites to his lobbies to over 500,000 people at once. He spammed all of these people with invites, annoying people who were trying to play GTA Online on PC.

Now he is back with a new hack. The current BallsTorture hack sees Lester spam players with a message that they have failed to collect a bounty on "BallsTortured" for $-99999999. What is important to note is that this spam/hack does not affect player stats nor does it affect player money, it is just incredibly annoying.

This spam message is even happening to players who are in private and invite-only sessions. It is worth noting though that this is only affecting those who are playing GTA Online on PC. Console players should be free of BallsTorture spam (what a sentence!).

As you can imagine, Reddit threads are filled with players writing "this is why I prefer to play on console."

How To Fix The BallsTorture Hack In GTA Online

GTA Online Ballstorture Hack
There is a temporary fix that players can implement to stop the spam in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

At the moment, there is no real fix for this spam issue. There is only one way to get fewer messages so you can be annoyed less by the spam that BallsTorture is sending to your server.

Players will have to open the menu, go to settings, and go to notifications. From there, set your message frequency to 1 hour or more. This will decrease the spam you recieve from BallsTorture.

The only real fix for this problem is for Rockstar to step in. Only Rockstar can create a fix that will help all PC players across the board and end the spam messages that are being sent in GTA Online. So if you are hit with one of these messages, make sure to contact Rockstar Support so you can tell them what happened.

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