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How To Get New Battle Rifle In GTA Online Chop Shop Update

Here's where you can find the new weapon added to GTA Online, along with it's price and upgrades.
How To Get New Battle Rifle In GTA Online Chop Shop Update
GINX / Rockstar Games

The new GTA Online Chop Shop update has introduced a formidable new addition to players' numerous weapon options: the Battle Rifle. However, getting your hands on this new weapon isn't quite as straightforward as walking into Ammu-Nation and handing over some cash. So if you want to know how to get your hands on it, read on.

Where To Buy Battle Rifle in GTA Online

Much like the Tactical SMG and Railgun previously, the new Battle Rifle is part of the Gun Van's rotating inventory in GTA Online. As such, you not only need to know where the gun van is parked on any given day, but you need to hope that the Battle Rifle is being sold in a given event week.

At the time of writing (on the day Rockstar has released the GTA Online Chop Shop update) the Battle Rifle is included in the current stock rotation for the Gun Van. However, that could change in future when the inventory is rotated each Thursday following the latest GTA Online Weekly Update.

How Much Does The Battle Rifle Cost In GTA Online

The Battle Rifle will cost you $383,075, however, that's just the starting point, as you can also purchase up to 10+ different upgrades for the weapon, which we've listed below:

  1. Rounds x 40 - $58
  2. Default Clip - Comes as standard
  3. Extended Clip - $46000
  4. Suppressor - $42000
  5. Black Tint - Comes as standard
  6. Army Tint - $4000
  7. Green Tint - $4200
  8. Orange Tint - $4400
  9. LSPD Tint - $4600
  10. Pink Tint - $6000
  11. Gold Tiny - $8000
  12. Platinum Tint - $10000

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