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GTA Online Checkmark Next To Missions

Here, we will explain what the green check marks mean next to your missions on GTA Online.
GTA Online Checkmark Next To Missions

When it comes to GTA Online, there are a lot of different missions in the game. In fact, there are so many missions that it is hard to track what you have done and what you have not done, especially if you have left the game for an extended period of time. So whether it's story missions, car missions, or random missions, there is much to keep up with in GTA Online. That is why we will go over what the green checkmarks mean in the missions list and how you can further keep up with what you have done in GTA Online.

What Does The Green Check Mark On My Missions List Mean?

GTA Online Green Checkmark
In GTA Online, there are a lot of different missions that you can do. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

In GTA Online, one of the best things you can do is run through the various missions available, including death matches, races, and special missions. There is a lot to keep up with, but thankfully, Rockstar has thought of this. Before you do any tasks in GTA Online, you will see no checkmark on that mission. But after you have completed it, you will see that there is a checkmark. So, to put it simply, a green check mark means that you have completed that mission, but you are more than free to do that mission again.

What Does The Green Checkmark Mean On My Map?

GTA Online Green Checkmark
Green checkmarks are a great way to keep track of the things you have done in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

There are other places where you might find a green checkmark in GTA Online. For example, it is possible that you can see a green checkmark on your map in GTA Online. However, if you do not know why it is there, it could confuse you and not make any sense why that checkmark is there for you.

In most cases, the green checkmark on your map means that you have robbed the store the checkmark is beside. If you rob all the stores in GTA Online, and they all have a green checkmark, you will unlock an achievement for yourself. The green checkmark is a good way for you to keep track of what stores you have robbed in GTA Online.

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