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How To Get Classique Broadway Taxi Livery In GTA Online

Classique Broadway is the new car in GTA Online weekly update, and here is how to unlock its Taxi Livery.
How To Get Classique Broadway Taxi Livery In GTA Online

Rockstar has finally added a new Classic vehicle in GTA Online; the new Classique Broadway is a replica based on the Oldsmobile Series 60 coupe. The new Broadway might catch your eye if you love vintage cars. The Classique Broadway can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport for $925,000. The vehicle will also be available from the Premium Deluxe Motorsport throughout the Valentines Week update till February 16 for $948939, which is expensive compared to Legendary Motorsport as it will have some customizations, including Liveries, which can be done in Los Santos Customs also.

The Classique Broadway is introduced as a Dripfeed vehicle under the Los Santos Drug Wars update, which also introduced a Taxi business and a Taxi, which can be brought from Warstock for around $627,000 and can be used for Taxi business. The introduction of Taxi business also introduced some special liveries for a couple of vehicles, including the new Classique Broadway. Unfortunately, you cannot use the Classique Broadway for the Taxi job, but you can use the Livery on the vehicle. The Livery can be unlocked after completing a particular milestone in the Taxi Job. Here is how you can get Classique Broadway taxi livery in GTA online:

How To Get Classique Broadway Taxi Livery

The Downtown Cab Co. Livery for Classique Broadway.
The Downtown Cab Co. Livery for Classique Broadway. (Picture: Rockstar Games/Arnab)

To unlock the Classique Broadway Taxi/ Downtown Cab Co. Livery, all you need to do is:

  • Take 50 customers to their destination during Taxi Work.

After completing this Job, you will unlock the new Livery; although completing this challenge might take some time, you will earn approximately $100,000. If you are getting bored in GTA Online, we suggest you complete this challenge. If you want to start a Taxi Job, you can check our guide here, and if you want to learn how to quit the Taxi Job, click here. Overall the Classique Broadway is a unique car and would surely catch the eyes in an open session.

Is Classique Broadway Good Enough?

Classique Broadway available at the Premium Deluxe Motorsports.
Classique Broadway available at the Premium Deluxe Motorsports. (Picture: Rockstar Games/Arnab)

The short answer to this question is NO if compared to other cars available in GTA Online for approx a million dollars or cheaper; many performance-oriented vehicles are available, but if you love the looks of vintage cars, then Broadway might be one of the best looking in GTA Online. Broadway is categorized under the Muscle Car category. The top speed of the Classique Broadway is 100 mph after a complete performance upgrade which is relatively average compared to other cars in GTA Online. However, the car offers several different customizations which can help to look your vehicle unique if you decide to take it in a Car Meet. 

There you have all the details about the Classique Broadway and the Taxi Livery.

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