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GTA Online Taxi Missions: How To Start Taxi Work

Here, we will go over all the details about the taxi driver odd job that you can do in GTA Online.
GTA Online Taxi Missions: How To Start Taxi Work
UPDATE - The GTA Online Weekly Update from March 23 to 30 is rewarding players with 2x GTA$ on Taxi Work. 

With the launch of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, a lot of new content has been released for GTA Online players. Players can now enjoy a new set of story missions with a new group of people and even get their own acid lab as well. But that is not all the new content that is in the game now.

A big new car list is available for players to choose from, with even more coming soon. One of the cars that are coming to GTA Online is a Vapid Taxi. The reason why you would want to buy it is that the taxi driver's odd job is coming soon to GTA Online.

How To Begin Taxi Odd Job In GTA Online

 If you are wondering how you can actually start the taxi driver odd job in GTA Online, we are here to help. Starting it is actually pretty simple overall which requires players to do one of two things.

To begin your taxi driving odd job, you will need to receive a text from Downtown Cab Co. Once you have this text, you can go to the taxi station in the city and sign up for the odd job. No other setup is needed. If you own your own taxi, you are actaully able to start the job from your own taxi as well. You do not have to be near the Downtown Cab Co to start from your own Taxi.

GTA Online Taxi Driver
You will soon be able to become a taxi driver in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The taxi job is pretty simple as well. All you need to do is pick up the customer and drive them to their location. The faster you do it and with fewer crashes, the more money you will make. On top of that, doing more taxi jobs in a row will earn you more money. It is very similar to the Crazy Taxi arcade game.

When Will The Taxi Job Be Available In GTA Online?

Although the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC was released in late 2022, the Taxi odd job was not actaully available to do immediately. It was part of Rockstar's drip content to keep players coming back and to give players new things to do as they await the next big update for GTA Online.

GTA Online Taxi
The taxi driver odd job is part of the Los Santos Drug wars DLC. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

With that being said though, the Taxi Odd Job is now available for players in GTA Online. Players can now do this job and get all the perks that come with this job, which includes your own taxi and liveries for your taxi as well.

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