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GTA Online Gerald Last Play Missions And Payouts

In this guide, we'll explain how you can do the Gerald Last Play missions and the lucrative payouts for these tasks in GTA Online.
GTA Online Gerald Last Play Missions And Payouts

It's no secret that GTA Online boasts a massive number of mission chains and quests that players can complete for hefty and lucrative rewards. One chain of missions that players can complete for the businessman Gerald is titled Geralds Last Play, a string of missions that have you helping Gerald earn some last-minute cash before he leaves Los Santos. 

So to help you complete them and claim the rewards for each one, we've broken down all the details below. We'll cover the details of each mission as well as highlight your payout for each of them as you complete Geralds's Last Play missions in GTA Online. 

GTA Online - Gerald Last Play Missions

Gerald's Last Play consists of six different missions, and they each center around Gerald's drug-selling enterprise. The objectives of these missions encompass a range of tasks, including eliminating gang leaders, pilfering narcotics from rival factions, or transporting drugs to buyers. It is worth noting that these missions can be undertaken solo, as a single player is a minimum requirement.

GTA Online Gerald Last Play Missions listed below
All of the action-packed Gerald Last Play Missions are listed below. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Below are each of the missions you need to complete during Gerald's Last Play questline:

Mission 1: Make Ends Meet

Gerald's adversaries have been utilizing a deceptive slaughterhouse to prepare their product before distributing it. Eliminate the rival gang members guarding the facility and obtain their cook sheet, but be prepared for the challenge of cracking a safe.

Mission 2: Go Figure

A cunning rival dealer has been concealing cocaine within action figures, and Gerald has received intelligence that this dealer hasn't been discreet in his transactions. Acquire the van, locate the delivered figures, and retrieve them while remaining vigilant for any unexpected developments.

Mission 3: Fast Peddling

Biker gangs are attempting to encroach upon Gerald's territory by undercutting his business. Assist in sending a clear message by stealing supplies from their known establishments.

Mission 4: Deal With It 

A transaction has gone awry, and players must locate the missing product using a tracker that Gerald has kept tabs on. However, rival gangs may also be aware of this tracking, so it's crucial to secure the goods while evading the attention of law enforcement.

Mission 5: Bad Companies 

Gerald has reached his limit with a rival gang leader and is determined to eliminate him. However, locating the rival boss is the first step. Flush out the rival leader and dismantle his unit.

Mission 6: End Product

Gerald aims to offload his entire inventory in a major deal with a local buyer. Ensure the success of this transaction and guarantee a smooth exchange.

GTA Online - Gerald Last Play Payouts

The amount of payout that players can receive is influenced by various factors, such as the player's rank and the duration of the mission. Choosing Normal Difficulty grants a bonus of 25% to the payout while selecting Hard Difficulty provides a bonus of 50%.

GTA Online Gerald Last Play Missions Payouts depending on time
Depending on how long you play will determine the payout each mission will give you. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The underlying principle behind this system is that longer missions tend to be more challenging, and thus players should be rewarded accordingly. As a baseline, if you opt for Easy difficulty, the potential payouts are:

  • 15+ Minutes: $20400
  • 12-15 Minutes: $18360
  • 10-12 Minutes: $16320
  • 8-10 Minutes: $14280
  • 6-8 Minutes: $12240
  • 4-6 Minutes: $10200
  • 3-4 Minutes: $7650
  • 2-3 Minutes: $5100
  • <2 Minutes: $2550

*Please note that the payouts listed above don't factor in the recent update which promises a 25% to all of them*

So ultimately, if you're looking to make the most money in a reasonable amount of time, you can aim to complete these missions around the 4+ minute mark. However, you can choose to extend the times for heftier rewards if you have more time to spare. 

And there you have it, a full breakdown of Gerald's Last Play questline that you can use the next time you boot up GTA Online. As always, we'll be sure to update this listing if more information is released to provide you with the most up-to-date GTA Online information possible.

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