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GTA Online God Mode Glitch Is Back: Less Than 24 Hours After Rockstar Patched It Out

Rockstar Games patched out the GTA Online Taxi God Mode glitch earlier this week, and less than 24 hours later, players found another workaround.
GTA Online God Mode Glitch Is Back: Less Than 24 Hours After Rockstar Patched It Out

GTA Online is no stranger to game-breaking bugs, and God Mode glitches aren't exactly new either. For those who don't know, these exploits typically make players either indestructible or granting other abilities, like being able to fly or never running out of ammunition.

Although to be fair, Rockstar does make a concerted effort to patch these out whenever they show up.

More recently players in Los Santos have been taking advantage of yet another God Mode glitch that's made certain GTA Online citizens completely untouchable.

Essentially, players could make the most of the new Taxi Work Missions to execute a new God Mode glitch that turned players into unkillable taxi drivers. It was also, super easy to do too.

The thing is, after a week of invincible Taxi Drivers, Rockstar finally released a background update that patched out the God Mode Glitch along with a few more bugs.

At least, that's what they thought, because according to Rockstar community insider, Tez2, players have already found another workaround.

Less than 24 hours after Rockstar released the patch, Tez took to Twitter to write: "Welp, a workaround has been found for the Taxi god mode glitch".

And just to prove it, one of his followers replied to Tez2's original tweet showing the glitch working still. Although, we can't quite work out what the process is here to activate the latest god mode workaround.

We've no doubt that Rockstar will once again patch out the latest God Mode glitch, although, we've no idea how long it may take them to remove the Taxi God Mode glitch.

Clearly, the previous patch didn't manage to stop players, so for at least another week we imagine Los Santos will continue to be plagued by unkillable griefers.

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