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How To Unlock the Taxi Custom In GTA Online

Learn how to unlock the exclusive Taxi Custom in GTA Online by following these quick and easy steps.
How To Unlock the Taxi Custom In GTA Online

With the recent patch update, GTA Online has finally received the heavily demanded Downtown Cab. Co Taxi Missions. In these missions, players can do the classic odd job and even unlock unique Taxis to do them in, such as the Taxi Custom, one of the more unique vehicles in the game. 

If you're looking to unlock the Taxi custom for yourself, then we have you covered. In this guide, we'll show you exactly what you need to do to unlock the Taxi Custom in GTA Online and what this vehicle offers you. 

How To Unlock the Taxi Custom in GTA Online

You can unlock the Taxi Custom after completing ten or more Taxi fares in a row and reaching the 25th Sponsorship Tier in Arena War. As a warning for those who don't know, the Arena War is an intense competition of blood, sweat, and metal as you use modified vehicles to destroy your opponent's vehicle before they can destroy yours. So be ready to participate in some intense vehicular destruction if you want to unlock the Taxi Custom in GTA Online. 

Once you've unlocked the Taxi Custom, it will be stored as a Pegasus Vehicle, and you can access it for a fee of $200 by calling the Pegasus Lifestyle Management contact. But now that you know how to get the Taxi Custom in GTA Online, you may be wondering why you should get it and what it offers you. 

 What Is Taxi Custom GTA Online Faster and more durable taxi
The Taxi Custom is a more durable and high-performance version of the regular yellow Taxies. (Picture: YouTube / GTA Series Videos)

What is the Taxi Custom in GTA Online?

Simply put, the Taxi Custom is a better version of the original Taxi and sports a modified engine that is faster and has a far more durable body that can take more damage. It also struts a unique black and red design, Classic Rod wheels, and Whitewall tires that make it stand out among the ordinary and drab yellow Taxis. 

And that's everything you need to know to get and use the Taxi Custom in GTA Online. This Taxi is worth getting if you plan on doing tons of Taxi missions to build up some cash reserves thanks to its durable body and peak performance among all the Taxis, and as a bonus, you'll look pretty slick while doing so too. 

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