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GTA Online Insurance Bug Confirmed, Rockstar Responds With Update

A major bug for GTA Online has been discovered which could make some of your vehicles disappear forever.
GTA Online Insurance Bug Confirmed, Rockstar Responds With Update
Update - Rockstar Games has addressed a significant issue faced by the GTA Online community in a public statement. The San Andreas Mercenaries update for GTA Online resulted in a bug that caused some players to lose vehicles from their garages. 

The bug appears to remove Mors Mutual insurance from vehicles at random, making it impossible to claim a destroyed vehicle and have it returned to the garage. Rockstar Support, the official Twitter account for Rockstar Games, responded to concerned players and assured them that the issue is being addressed.

"We are aware of the issue with vehicle insurance loss in GTA Online and are currently working on a resolution. We will provide an update as soon as possible."

[Original Story Follows] - GTA Online has gone through one of its biggest updates to date. With how long GTA Online has been available for players, there are plenty of DLC updates that help keep the game fresh. For example, the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC has brought in a lot of new content for players to discover and many people are checking out the new DLC.

However, there are always risks involved with updating a game. Whenever game companies push updates for their games, there is a chance that something breaks in either the form of a bug or an error. A major one has been discovered for GTA Online. It seems like some cars players own are no longer insured which could cause major problems down the line.

Is There A Vehicle Insurance Bug In GTA Online?

GTA Online Insurance Glitch
Insuring vehicles allows you to get them back if they get destroyed in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Yes, there is a vehicle insurance bug happening right now in GTA Online. In GTA Online, players can add insurance to their vehicles so that if they are destroyed for whatever reason, the vehicle can come back for a fine. This is a safety system that makes sure that players do not lose their cars to unforeseen accidents and erase a lot of progress that they made.

However, it looks like there is an insurance bug that is happening right now that makes it so that insurance is removed for a car. The bug appears to happen randomly and it does not matter what kind of vehicle it is. If you have a vehicle in GTA Online, make sure it is insured before you take it out. But there is also a potential that the bug could remove insurance while you are using that vehicle.

Is There Any Way To Fix The Insurance Bug In GTA Online?

GTA Online Insurance Bug
If you destroy your car while it is not insured, that vehicle is gone forever. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Yes, you can fix the insurance bug in GTA Online by purchasing insurance for your vehicle. This is the only known fix right now. If your vehicle loses its insurance for whatever reason, you can get it back by purchasing insurance at Los Santos Customs. However, there is no guarantee that this will be a permanent fix for the problem.

Right now, there is no real consistency for the bug that is happening. The bug can appear for any vehicle that you own that can be insured and it can happen randomly. Some players only have one car bugged while others will have many bugged cars. There is also a chance for your cars to become uninsured down the line. Rockstar will need to address this bug ASAP as this could be very bad for players who do not know.

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