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Is the GTA Online 50 Car Eclipse Blvd Garage Worth It

Here, we discuss if it is worth buying the new 50-car garage that is on Eclipse Blvd in GTA Online.
Is the GTA Online 50 Car Eclipse Blvd Garage Worth It

In GTA Online, players will often end up with large amounts of money by doing various missions in the game. That is because there are multiple ways for players to generate money and this is one of the main objectives of GTA Online. With this money, players can buy vehicles, buildings, businesses, and a lot more. A lot of content is actually locked behind how much money players have in GTA Online.

One of the many things that players can now purchase is a 50-car garage on Eclipse Blvd. This 50-car garage is a brand-new location for players to store and show off their vehicle collection. Here, we are going to go over if it is actually worth it for players to buy the 50-car garage in GTA Online.

What Is The 50-Car Garage In GTA Online?

GTA Online 50 Car Garage
Each floor of the garage can be customized to match the featured cars. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

In a recent update, Rockstar has released the 50-car garage that was originally teased during the release of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. Rockstar often slowly releases content that it has planned through drip content and that's why the garage was released months after the initial drop of the DLC. The 50-car garage has a couple of features that players might be interested in.

First is that it is a multi-story garage. Players can customize each floor to have a certain theme that matches the cars that they have. The garage is on Eclipse Blvd which is a pretty central location in GTA Online. There is also a balcony on the roof of the garage where players can hang out and relax.

It is now available for purchase in GTA Online directly from Dynasty 8’s in-game website, costing $2,740,000. However, it's also available for free to GTA+ Members from February 16 to March 15.

Is It Worth Getting The 50-Car Garage In GTA Online?

If a player has a large number of cars in GTA Online and money to burn, then it absolutely is worth buying. It has a decent central location for all your cars to be stored, but it might be a bit far from the apartments that you might own. So players might have to get a car to get to their other cars which is not only a hassle but a slow way to do things in GTA Online. Additionally,  because it takes up its own slot, so you don't lose property space by owning the Garage.

That being said if a player does not have a lot of cars, then it is probably not worth buying. It would just end up being a lot of wasted space and that money could be used to purchase something more lucrative business for passive income That means that it is pretty much money down the drain with no chance of return. If you are hoping this garage will make you money in GTA Online, skip it entirely.

Of course, all of this is moot because if you can afford to pay Rockstar’s $5.99 a month GTA+ membership you'll get it for 'free'.

GTA Online 50-car garage
The 50-car garage in GTA Online also has a rooftop lounge for players to gather. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

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