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GTA Online Payphone Hits: How To Unlock, Locations, Cooldown

Learn how you can start and do the Payphone Hits in GTA Online.
GTA Online Payphone Hits: How To Unlock, Locations, Cooldown
Update - It seems as though the new GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update may have increased the Payphone Hit Cooldown to 48 Minutes (Source: Reddit)

[Original Story Follows] - Grand Theft Auto Online is one of the biggest live-service video games on the market right now. The game has been out for almost a decade, and the developer Rockstar Games is still adding new content for players to enjoy. This includes story missions, new weapons, new jobs, and a lot more for players to enjoy.

One of the things that earn players a good amount of money in GTA Online is the Payphone Hits, which were introduced with The Contract DLC. These special jobs are a fun, quick way to make money in the game, and players absolutely love it! This guide will explain how to start and do Payphone Hits in GTA Online.

How To Start And Complete Payphone Hits In GTA Online

GTA Online Payphone hits
Franklin is your main point of contact for Payphone Hits in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

In The Contract DLC that Rockstar launched for GTA Online, players are constantly in contact with Franklin from the GTA V main story. Franklin will be your main point of contact for your Payphone Hits.

To unlock payphone hits you must buy an Agency and complete three security contracts for Franklin.

Once you do that, Franklin will call you and tell you he has a different kind of job for you. He will state that he will call you from a payphone. The problem is that it could be from any payphone, so you will have to hunt around the map for the phone from which he is calling. Once you find it, you will be given a hit to complete.

The next thing you need to do is kill the target, and you will be rewarded with money for your troubles. Once you complete your first Payphone Hit, you can request hits from Franklin, and the next Payphone Hit will be from the closest payphone to you.

How Much Money Do Payphone Hits Make You In GTA Online?

GTA Online Payphone hits
Some Payphone Hits will want you to run over the target with a car. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Now that you know how to start the Payphone Hits, the question becomes whether it is worth your time to complete. So we can break it down pretty easily. Payphone Hits on their own will net you $15,000 a hit. Simply put, that is pretty low and would not be worth your time.

However, each Payphone Hit will have a special condition attached to it. These conditions are different ways Franklin wants you to kill the target. For example, running them over with a vehicle, using a certain gun, and much more. Completing the special condition will make the final payout for the hit around $70,000. Moreover, the hits can be done once every 20 minutes or so. So with that in mind, doing Payphone Hits can add a lot of money to your bank account.

All Payphone Locations

There are a total of 32 payphone locations in GTA Online where players can take on Payphone Hit missions.

These are typically marked on the map with a blue payphone symbol, but you can also use the list below to help track down each payphone hit location.

Los Santos county:

  • Alta - At stripmall on the corner of Las Lagunas Boulevard and Occupation Avenue
  • Chamberlain Hills - At the LTD gas station near Grove Street
  • El Burro Heights - Outside the fire station
  • El Burro Heights - Outside the Los Santos Tattoos studio
  • Little Seoul - Outside Snr. Buns next to the train station on San Andreas Avenue
  • LSIA - Outside the Los Santos Customs near the airport
  • Mirror Park - Next to the Sprunk machine found in West Mirror Drive
  • Mirror Park - At the side of the LTD gas station on Mirror Park Boulevard
  • Morningwood - Strip mall on the corner of Morningwood Boulevard and Boulevard Del Perro
  • Rancho - Outside the liquor store on the corner of Macdonald Street and Jamestown Street
  • Richman Glen - At the LTD gas station on North Rockford Drive
  • Strawberry - Opposite the Clinton Residence, behind a liquor store on Forum Drive
  • Tatavium Mountains - At the truck stop in the mountains north of Los Santos
  • Terminal - At the Jetsam Terminal in the southern docklands
  • Textile City - Dashound Bus Station on Integrity Way
  • Vespucci Canals - Next to Fleeca at the Vespucci Mall
  • Vespucci Beach - Palomino Avenue near the Muscle Beach gym
  • Vinewood - At the Globe Oil gas station on Clinton Avenue
  • West Vinewood - At the side of Tequi-la-la

Blaine County:

  • Grapeseed - At the side of the LTD gas station on Grapeseed Main Street
  • Grapeseed - At the abandoned Globe Oil gas station on the corner of Seaview Road and East Joshua Road
  • Grand Senora Desert - Outside the Yellowjack Inn
  • Grand Senora Desert - Outside the Flywheels Garage near Sandy Shores airfield
  • Harmony - At the side of the cafe next to The Motor Motel on Route 68
  • Harmony - At the front of the 24/7 gas station store on Route 68
  • Lago Zancudo - At the side of the RON gas station on Route 68
  • Paleto Forest - Outside the Pala Springs Aerial Tramway in Pala Springs
  • Paleto Bay - At the side of the Xero gas station
  • RON Alternative Wind Farm - Outside Rex's Diner
  • Sandy Shores - At the side of Sandy's gas station
  • Sandy Shores - At the abandoned Globe oil gas station on Meringue Lane
  • Zancudo River - Outside the Discount Store on Route 68

What Is The Cooldown For Payphone Hit Missions?

To prevent players from farming payphone hits, there is a cooldown in place.

After completing a hit, there is a 20 minute cooldown before another hit can be requested.

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