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Rockstar Is Mistakingly Refunding Wrong Price For Lost Oppressor MK II In GTA Online

After losing their vehicles to an insurance bug in GTA Online, players seem to be refunded the wrong amount for the vehicles in question.
Rockstar Is Mistakingly Refunding Wrong Price For Lost Oppressor MK II In GTA Online

Some of the most important pieces of content for GTA Online players are the vehicles that are in the game. The vehicles give you mobility, give you creative ways to attack other players, and they are goals worth reaching for. That is why players are very passionate about the various vehicles that are in the game.

So when the latest insurance bug happened in GTA Online, many stopped playing the game to make sure they would not lose any vehicles. But some were not fortunate and lost some of their prized vehicles. Thankfully, Rockstar is helping players get back their vehicles in GTA Online. Unfortunately, Rockstar Support slips up and refunds the wrong price for vehicles in GTA Online.

Rockstar Support Slips Up Car Refund

GTA Online Rockstar Support Refund
Players are trying to the full cost of the vehicles they lost through Rockstar Support. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Players no longer have to worry about the insurance bug that was plaguing GTA Online. Rockstar took notice of the bug and patched it out very recently. But unfortunately, players still lost some vehicles due to the bug. Because of that, Rockstar has opened a support ticket that will refund players the cost of the car so they can repurchase it.

But sometimes, they miss the mark. A Reddit user lost their Oppressor MK II thanks to the bug along with all the upgrades, which will cost nearly $9 million to replace. Rockstar Support only refunded $4.5 million back. The reason is that the Oppressor MK II with all of the upgrades only costs players $4.5 million a couple of months ago. But with the recent price hike, players have to spend more to get the Oppressor MK II. Unfortunately, human error causes some players to be refunded the wrong amount.

In the same Reddit post, another player chimed in and showed that they were refunded properly for their lost Oppressor MK II. If you need a vehicle replaced, see if you can make a note for Rockstar Support to tell them how much you need back to replace the vehicle. If you are refunded the wrong price, try contacting Rockstar Support again to see if they can fix the problem.

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