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How To Get The Stun Gun In GTA Online

This nonlethal weapon is perfect for tasering players! Here's how to get the Stun Gun in GTA Online.
How To Get The Stun Gun In GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online has many ridiculous weapons you can get and use against unsuspecting victims in the game. Some examples include the festive-themed Candy Cane melee weapon and the Railgun, which you can retrieve from the back of the Gun Van. While many guns are available in GTA Online, some might not be easily attainable, like the Stun Gun.

You can use this fun, non-lethal weapon to Taze players or even bring certain targets back alive in GTA Online. But how exactly can you get the Stun Gun in GTA Online? This guide will detail all the different ways you can get a Stun Gun in GTA Online.

Where To Find The Stun Gun In GTA Online?

GTA Online Stun Gun
The Stun Gun is one of the many unique weapons available in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

GTA Online had a Stun Gun available for everyone to purchase when it first launched. It was first available in the Ammu Nation, but now it's no longer available there. So, where did the Stun Gun go? Well, as it turns out, getting your hands on a Stun Gun in GTA Online is not straightforward.

The first thing you need to do is buy an Agency, the ones that you need to do jobs for The Contract DLC missions. From there, you will need to upgrade your Agency to have an Armory. This will cost you around $700,000. From there, you will go upstairs to the Armory, and you can purchase the Stun Gun for $326,250.

Is There A Cheap Way To Get The Stun Gun In GTA Online?

GTA Online Stun Gun
You will need an Agency to purchase a Stun Gun in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

As you might have guessed, getting yourself a Stun Gun in GTA Online is a very expensive process. You not only need to buy an Agency, which will cost you around $1 million alone, but you will also need to buy the Armory, which is $700,000. Only after doing this can you buy the Stun Gun, which is also very expensive.

Fortunately, there is a much cheaper workaround for this. The best way to get a Stun Gun for cheap in GTA Online is through someone else who has the Armory in the Agency unlocked. You can purchase Armory weapons through any Agency so long as you can get inside that Agency. So if a friend or a stranger lets you in their Agency and they have the Armory unlocked, you can save around $2 million getting the Stun Gun.

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