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When Is Snow Coming To GTA Online?

As the holiday season approaches, we discuss here if snow is going to come back to GTA Online.
When Is Snow Coming To GTA Online?

The holidays are coming and that means snow is coming to GTA Online as well. There are plenty of upcoming holiday events in GTA Online and Rockstar tends to bring back fan favorites.What this means is that fans should be expecting snow to come to GTA Online soon enough. That could mean new scavenger hunts or more could be coming to the game as well.

GTA Online
The snow in GTA Online does make it a little bit harder to drive in the game. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

When Will It Next Snow In GTA Online

Like any other season, snow only happens during the coldest months in GTA Online. It has been snowing every year in GTA Online, so it is a safe bet that snow is coming back in 2023.

But when exactly will it snow in GTA Online again? Generally speaking, it will snow every December during the yearly Festive Surprise event. It's one of the several features which returns during this festive time of year, just like other Christmas-themed content, like Snowmen collectibles and The Gooch event. From what we have seen, we expect snow to reappear again by the end of the year.

What Does Snow Do In GTA Online

Typically, the snow is mostly cosmetic and does not have too much impact on the overall gameplay of GTA. The only meaningful use of snow in GTA Online is to indicate when you can get the game's secret UFO Tattoo.

GTA Online
Snowball fights are a pretty common occurrence when it comes to GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

On top of this, driving around can be a little more difficult and it is possible to throw snowballs as weapons too. In the past, it also meant that more cosmetics were coming for the game as well.

So far though, no official announcements have been made so there is an endless amount of possibilities of what Rockstar could include with the upcoming winter update.

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