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How To Get Willard Eudora Taxi Livery In GTA Online

Here is how you can get the Willard Eudora Taxi Livery in GTA Online.
How To Get Willard Eudora Taxi Livery In GTA Online

GTA Online has a lot of content that is hidden throughout the game. GTA Online is massive and there have been a lot of DLC updates released throughout the years that the game has been out. Because of that, it is easy to miss smaller hidden pieces of content that are in the game. Thankfully, there are always people on the lookout for the smaller hidden pieces of content.

Taxi work was added during the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC for GTA Online. Players could finally be taxi driver and participate in the Crazy Taxi experience in GTA Online. Although there is only one car that can be used for taxi work, the Willard Eudora actually has a hidden Taxi livery that you can get. Here, we will teach you how to get the Willard Eudora Taxi Livery in GTA Online.

How To Unlock The Willard Eudora Taxi Livery In GTA Online

GTA Online Willard Eudora Taxi Livery
Take a look at the Willard Eudora Taxi Livery in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games/Garrett6413 on Reddit)

The Willard Eudora is one of the newest cars added to GTA Online. This car has an old and classic look that many GTA car fans enjoy. You can customize this car quite a bit. One way that players can customize this car is by giving it a taxi livery. The taxi livery for the Willard Eudora is actually hidden and players will need to unlock it.

Fortunately, unlocking the Willard Eudora taxi livery is pretty easy. What players need to do is start a taxi job. Then when you are doing taxi work, you need to perform 10 stunt jumps. You do not even need to do 10 different stunt jumps. You can do 10 of the same stunt jumps and that will unlock your prize. Once you do that, you will unlock the Willard Eudora taxi livery.

Can I Use The Willard Eudora Taxi Livery For Taxi Work?

Taxi work in GTA Online is about to get an upgrade. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

At the time of this writing, you cannot use the Willard Eudora to do taxi work. Even if you have the new taxi livery for this particular car, you cannot do so. The only car that you can do taxi work with is the Vapid Taxi. However, this is going to change very soon with the release of the GTA Online Summer Update, known as 'GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries'.

According to Rockstar's own announcement, the Willard Eudora and the Classique Broadway will both be able to use in taxi work once the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC releases. Both of these cars have taxi liveries in-game right now, and yet cannot be used in taxi work. If this is true, this would be a welcomed addition to GTA Online.

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