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Best Sage Decks In Marvel Snap

With a perfect memory and quick analytical abilities, Sage's core talents can greatly benefit the team now that she arrives in Marvel Snap.
Best Sage Decks In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

Another new card has made its way to Marvel Snap, which may potentially shift gears within the meta or provide new opportunities for deck-building and securing victories. The latest card drop joining the fray is the mutant Sage, who possesses a powerful ability that saw her rescuing Charles Xavier before being recruited by him.

Much of her origins and her identity remain unrevealed or secret, but what's not a secret is that players can acquire her in-game. This comprehensive guide details everything about the mutant known as Sage, including her abilities, best card synergies, and decks for Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Sage Card Abilities Explained

A character with little to no information regarding their history and formative years, only going by the name Tessa, Sage is a woman who is just as mysterious as she is fascinating. As a mutant with a remarkable ability, her brain functions similarly to a supercomputer, she has a perfect memory and hyper-analytical abilities.

It's this impressive skill set that Sage possesses that has made her invaluable to Charles Xavier and the X-Men, and now she's available in Marvel Snap. Sage is a three-Cost and zero Power card with an On Reveal ability, in which the card gains +2 Power for every different Power card between themselves and their opponent at a location.

While some early analyses have made Sage a better option than Wolfsbane, its potential may have been slightly diminished due to the recent Leech buff. Originally intended to be played in the last two turns, they may want to play Sage as early as Turn 4 to avoid Leech removing its ability.

Nevertheless, Sage is available for players to acquire in-game as she can be claimed from the Spotlight Caches, which requires Spotlight Keys to open them. Additionally, they can also buy the card from the in-game Shop for 6,000 Collector's Tokens during its release week.

Best Marvel Snap Sage Decks: Sagely Negative

Mister Negative and Ravonna Renslayer are two of the best synergies for Sage and can be slotted into Negative decks. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Sage has plenty of unique cards that she synergizes with, but the best card for Sage is Mister Negative in this new Negative deck variation from Marvel Snap content creator ItsGuestGaming. When paired with Ravonna Renslayer to discount cards with one or less Power, like Sage and Arnim Zola, for some extremely great plays.

Some interesting strategies that arise with this deck are playing Wong, Mystique, Sage, and Arnim Zola for Sage's ability to occur four times, which may be copied at other locations once Zola is down. But this strategy is even more incredible because Sage's ability can be repeated once Odin is played at their location to bump its Power further.

If they need n more time to set up Sage on the board, they have Magik to extend the game by one turn with Limbo. Likewise, they'll have Jane Foster draw out all the new Cost and Power cards once Mister Negative is played to extend Sage's Power potential further once she's on the board.

Best Marvel Snap Sage Decks: Sage The SlayerBlade

Gain location priority with Sage before locking it down with Professor X in this unique Lockdown deck. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

While Negative decks might be the best deck archetype for Sage as of writing, it doesn't mean she won't be as valued in other decks. This deck from Marvel Snap content creator SafetyBlade slots Sage into a lockdown deck with Professor X and Cannonball as the focal cards.

This deck hugely benefits from Ravonna Renslayer's inclusion once again, as it will discount a handful of cards, including Angela, Havok, Green Goblin, Wolfsbane, and Professor X. Speaking of Angela, they can already create these different Powered cards with Angela, Nebula and Kitty Pryde which should be the ideal strategy in setting up a location for Sage which they can send Green Goblin to ensure this.

Hope Summers will be needed for energy needs and to get more cards out per turn before Professor X on Turn 4, Havok on Turn 5, and Cannonball on Turn 6 if it enters the hand. Lastly, a few flexible cards will be on hand to give players the advantage, like Jeff the Baby Land Shark, who can be played to set up Sage before being moved to a locked-down location. 

Best Marvel Snap Sage Decks: Sage & The Surfer

As a three-Cost card, Sage may also find a home within Sera/Silver Surfer decks in Marvel Snap. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Another unique deck archetype that may interest players is slotting Sage in Silver Surfer decks, specifically a Sera/Surfer deck. This time, not only do they have Sera to discount cards but also Ravonna Renslayer, guaranteeing that Sage can be played at one Cost.

This Sera/Surfer deck from Marvel Snap content creator Docty sees the usual cards featured, like Brood, Hope Summers, Absorbing Man, and Sebastian Shaw. Absorbing Man can be utilized to copy Sage's text, but players can swap out Absorbing Man for Grand Master and ensure that they've built up the middle location for Sage's ability to trigger.

We advise not playing Sage in the Brood location as it will hit the low ceiling of Power gained. Lastly, Patriot and Silver Surfer will be buffing all their cards on the board, with Surfer targeting all three-Cost cards, including Sage, who'll get a +2 Power buff from the Silver Surfer.

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