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GTA Online Agency Safe Max Capacity and Daily Income

If you are wondering where your contract money is going to in GTA Online, let us help you find out how you can open the wall safe in The Agency.
GTA Online Agency Safe Max Capacity and Daily Income

In GTA Online, there are many hidden secrets in Los Santos. The secrets and what you can do has only increased with every DLC release for the game.

From criminal careers to hardcore crime like drug creation and distribution, there are a lot of ways to make money in GTA Online. If you are doing Contract missions, you might be wondering where that money you are making is going. Here, we are going to tell you how to access the wall safe in The Agency.

How Do I Open The Wall Safe In The Agency?

GTA Online The Contract
It is important that you know where the wall safe is located in The Agency so you can collect on the contracts you completed. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

As part of The Contract DLC, players will have access to The Agency and a wall safe. Getting access to the Wall safe is actually not that difficult in the grand scheme of the game.

The first thing you have to do is purchase an Agency Office through the Dynasty8Executive website. Once you do that, head to the office that you purchased. In the bottom right of the screen, you will notice that there is an indicator that says you have $0 in your wall safe.

The first thing that you should actually do is complete the first mission of The Contract DLC to get started. Once you have done that, some money will be dropped into your wall safe.

If you want that money, you need to open your wall safe. If you are facing the desk, look at the right-hand side of the wall behind the desk. You will see a wooden panel back there. Simply walk up to it and you will be prompted to open it. Do so, and you will be able to collect the money that you have earned so far.

Agency Safe Daily Income And How To Get More Money

GTA Online
Getting more money for the safe means that you need to complete security contracts. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Like everything else in the game, you have to work for the money that you want to collect.

The wall safe will fill up with passive money income every in-game day, but how much will depend greatly on how many Security Contracts you complete.

The amount of money that is added to the safe will increase by $500 for every 5 Security Contracts that players complete. The maximum number of security contracts players can complete is 200.

Players who complete all 200 Security Contracts will manage to boost their Agency Safe daily income to $20k per day. Not a bad chunk of change to collect on.

What Is The Agency Safe Max Capacity

The max capacity of the Agency wall safe is $250k. The moment the safe becomes full, the $ icon will turn from green to red.

If you're away on other business, you’ll also receive a text from Franklin informing you it's full and to come and empty it out.

As long as the safe is full, you won't earn more money, so make sure to pop by and empty it every so often.

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