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Where To Find Explosive Bullets In GTA Online

Here, we will go over how to get explosive rounds in GTA Online.
Where To Find Explosive Bullets In GTA Online

GTA Online is all about the missions that players can do. There are a lot of story missions that are available for players to discover to get new weapons, facilities, and vehicles to use in free mode. Free mode is probably where a lot of players spend their time in between missions and making money in GTA Online.

To survive free mode, players will need some powerful weapons. That is because other players will commonly go after each other for one reason or another. That is why having something like explosive rounds is vital in GTA Online. Here, we are going to go over how players can get explosive rounds in GTA Online so they can have more firepower than before.

How To Find Explosive Rounds In GTA Online

GTA Online Explosive Rounds
Explosive rounds cannot be found in the gun van in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Finding explosive rounds might take a bit of time and investment. In GTA Online, a lot of weapons can be found in the Ammu-Nation. However, this is not the case for explosive rounds. If a player wants explosive rounds, they will need a bunker. Bunkers are usually used for gun-running missions in GTA Online but they can also give players new weapons to try out. The process to get explosive rounds is as follows:

  • Buy a bunker
  • Get supplies
  • Assign staff to research explosive rounds
  • Complete the research
  • Go to the weapons workshop in Bay 3 of the Mobile Operations Center (MOC)
  • Get explosive rounds on MK II weapons.

One thing that should be noted is that if players do not yet have a bunker, getting explosive rounds will take a lot of money. Bunkers alone cost anywhere between $1-2 million. On top of that, upgrades to getting Bay 3 of the MOC and upgrading your staff will cost even more money. Players will have to be willing to spend around $3 million to get explosive rounds in GTA Online.

Can Any Weapon Use Explosive Rounds In GTA Online?

GTA Online Explosive Rounds How To Find
Only certain weapons can use explosive rounds in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

As amusing as it would be for any handgun to fire explosive rounds, no, not every weapon use this type of ammunition. If players want to use explosive rounds, they will need some specific weapons to do so. There are a couple that players can use. Generally, MK II weapons will be able to use explosive rounds.

For us, we recommend using the Heavy Sniper MK II for players to use explosive rounds. It is a powerful weapon on its own and the explosive rounds make it even deadlier. Players should be able to take out most vehicles with the Heavy Sniper MK II and explosive rounds in one shot.

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