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How To Register As A Boss In GTA Online

There is a new boss registration update coming to GTA Online and we tell you all about it.
How To Register As A Boss In GTA Online

GTA Online is one of the most content-rich games that is available right now. The game was released nearly 10 years ago and there have been a lot of different updates since then. Now GTA is getting another DLC update known as San Andreas Mercenaries. This new update will bring even more content for GTA Online.

Although there will be new vehicles, new weapons, new missions, and so much more added through the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, that is not all that is coming to the game. There are also going to be plenty of quality-of-life updates as well. One of them allows you to quickly register as a boss. Here, we will go over how to register as a boss in GTA Online.

GTA Online Register As A Boss How To
Players can easily start Organizations or Motorcycle Clubs by Registering as a Boss in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

How To Register As A Boss In GTA Online

Update - The new DLC is out now. We'll tidy up this page asap, but for now, here's what you need to know.

You can now select "Register as a Boss" in the Interaction Menu to register as a CEO or an MC President. Both options have been placed under this new menu tab.

When it comes to GTA Online, there are a lot of different businesses that you can create in the game. For example, players can become Motorcycle Club President. To be an MC President, players needed to buy their own MC Club and then you can become an MC President. Now things are about to become a lot easier.

In the new GTA Online update, you can actually start an Organization or a Motorcycle Club through the interaction menu. There will be a section in the interaction menu called "Register as a boss" added in the new DLC update. You will select that option and you can start your own MC or organization whenever you want.

Is It Worth Registering As A Boss In GTA Online?

GTA Online Register As A Boss
Players will likely get a lot of benefits by Registering as a Boss in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

It will definitely be worth registering as a boss in GTA Online. For one, from what we can see, Registering as a boss is a much cheaper way to start your own MC. Having your own MC or Organization is essential if you want to have a lot of businesses. After all, a lot of businesses are locked behind the fact that you are or are not a boss of an organization or MC President.

If players want to make the most amount of money possible, registering as a boss will be vital. Players will get access to new businesses by registering as a boss. Businesses such as meth, gunrunning, and so much more. If you are new to GTA Online when the next DLC drops, we recommend Registering as a boss as soon as possible.

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