PUBG: Here Are the Controls for Xbox One X

PUBG: Here Are the Controls for Xbox One X
Everybody's gearing up for the release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) for the Xbox. As the game nears its release, the controller layout for the console was released. Of course, with the keyboard and mouse combo being different from the Xbox controller, this information is precious.

Controller Layouts Depending on What You Do

PUBG controls for the Xbox needed some creative thinking to get the limited number of buttons the controller has compared to a keyboard and mouse. Bluehole managed it though, and here it is.

Basic Controls

Normally, the controls are similar to other third-person games. Use the left analog stick to move (click it to sprint), the right to move, and X is the general interaction button that reloads guns when the button gets held. A makes the character jump, and Y equips or switches your current weapon (or unequips it when held). B is the crouch button that makes the character go prone when held. The right button (above the right trigger), combined with the movement stick grants free look, but only switches cameras/views when pressed alone. The right trigger itself fires the weapon or throws a grenade when gets held.In this mode, the directional pad can get used to quickly equip the melee or ranged weapon, throw anything you can throw, or use a consumable item. It's very similar to having hotkeys assigned to those things, except its four buttons.


Pressing the left trigger makes the character aim down the gun's sights. In this mode, certain buttons do different things. What you use to free look now zooms in at what you're aiming at, and the left trigger can now change how you throw grenades. Pressing the left button (above the trigger) holds the character's breathing to steady aiming. The directional pad changes the firing mode of the gun if possible, and also, it’s how you set a scope's zeroing distance, which compensates bullet drop at certain distances. Clicking the analog sticks lets the character lean left or right (depending on which stick gets clicked) when in cover.Check out our comparison of Fortnite and PUBG.


When riding a vehicle, fewer buttons are needed, mainly the triggers (left to boost (LB) or reverse (LT), right to switch cameras (RB) or accelerate (RT)) and the Y, A, and B buttons. The first of these buttons is the handbrake; the second makes the player avatar switch seats, and the last exits the vehicle. The left stick controls the steering and clicking it honks the horn.


The controls when swimming is simpler than other control layouts, as you can only move (left analog stick), sprint while swimming (click the left stick), interact with objects (X), dive (B), or float (A). Something that is also common among the control layouts is that the right stick still manipulates the camera and that the RB switches cameras.

Map and Inventory

The map and inventory windows can be pulled up by the buttons near the middle of the controller, with the one on the left opening the map, and the one on the right opens the inventory. The settings menu can get opened by holding the one that opens the inventory.Opening the map changes the behavior of buttons (same as opening the inventory). Move it around by pressing RB while moving the left stick. The right stick moves the cursor and clicking it places a marker where it is. Y removes that marker, and B closes the map. Lastly, zoom in and out with the up and down buttons on the D-pad.For the Inventory window, switch columns with LB and RB, and navigate with the D-pad or right stick. A uses or selects a highlighted PUBG items, B cancels it or goes back to the previous menu, X picks up an item (hold it to select an amount), and Y drops an item (hold it to drop an amount). Pressing the button that brings up the inventory also closes it, same with the map.And that's all the controller layouts for the Xbox. Enjoy the game!