PUBG: Pros Tell Us How to Win on Miramar

Tips & tricks for the new map.
PUBG: Pros Tell Us How to Win on Miramar

Image via @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Here’s how some of the pros handle the desert wasteland Miramar has had a very interesting introduction into PUBG. The new map was praised for its lack of water and open terrain – perfect for ARs and scopes. However, in early January, IEM banned the map from its Katowice tournament after “extensive discussion with all involved parties.” The map, many argued, was simply too new to the scene and was not optimized enough for a lot of professionals, resulting in the ban. Since Miramar is so new, you may not know how to operate it yourself just yet. Have no fear – we talked to a few pros to find out how best to operate in the desert. Here are the top lessons learned:

Bikes are your friend

Miramar offers a wide variety of vehicles, including a bus and a pickup truck. Most vehicles, however, didn't get the pro seal of approval. “Miramar has lots of hills, valleys and ridges which makes traveling by vehicles very difficult,” wrote Dan “Hayz” Hayz, who plays for BIG Clan. If you have to choose a vehicle, though, he suggests the two-seater bike. Bikes seem to be the overpowered vehicle, as both Nicolas “THZ” Debytere of Millenium and Romain “Shiv” Hermann of Team Vitality suggested. They’re fast, especially when under fire. Shiv in particular seemed to be against any other type of vehicle on the map. “Unless it’s a motorbike,” he wrote, “it could end up being your grave.”

Keep your distance

With the map being so open, snipers and automatic rifles with good range are perfect weapons. Scopes are also practically required according to the pros. “Iron sights or red dots won’t cut [it] because sight lines on this map are generally very long,” Hayz said. Shiv also agreed with that statement. “Getting scopes or not while looting in this map in particular is also a game changer.” THZ suggested to always pick up the KAR98K or the SKS, when available, as they can pick off people from far away easily, especially with the aforementioned scopes. Closer-ranged weapons aren’t encouraged, especially for the late-game.

Play the zone

The main strategy the pros have currently is to not be so quick to get into the circle and instead play in between where the Safe Zone starts and the Blue ends. “With Miramar, going center and finding a good area to defend is still a good strategy,” Hayz wrote, “but with there being so many dips and ridges, it’s actually a lot easier to play the edge of the circle and move in with the Blue Zone.” For this strategy, you’ll often need to have those high-powered AR’s or Snipers and a pretty good scope to boot. With them, you can scout the Safe Zone while shooting down any panicking player rushing towards it as the Blue approaches. Hunkering down in a compound – especially one you have experience working in – is another very useful trick in conquering the desert. When going “all in,” as THZ wrote, you’ll need to go quickly into the center and just hope that the Safe Zones are in your favor. But remember: the “all in” strategy is one of the most common, so time is of the essence. If a team is there before you, you’ll be out precious loot that could make or break the game.

Memory is key

If you find a place in Miramar that works well with your playstyle, take careful note of the area and start to practice dropping in and playing there. Figure out the flanking routes, the areas with the best loot around and some escape routes that work well for you. If you know the area better than your opponent, you’ll likely have the upper hand in the fight. Preferably, those memorized zones should be all around the map – including in the dangerous nooks of Miramar that have little cover. “If you are in an open field, you need to know where there is some cover,” THZ wrote. “Use a straight line: house to building, building to farm, etc. Don’t run in an open field.” As for particular locations to drop in on, cities like Pecado and El Pozo were the named favorites. These cities are perfect for loot, but will often be very populated, so be sure to be ready for a fight as soon as you hit ground. For these pros, the biggest concern is mobility on Miramar: if you’re too fast to catch while moving into circles and can keep enemies at bay, you’re more likely to be getting that chicken dinner at the end of the day. Use the terrain to your advantage, always watch your back and keep it moving; if you can do that, Miramar might be kind to you.