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Rocket League
Rocket League

Rocket League Championship Open Qualifier Results

This weekend the Rocket League Championship - better known as RLCS - played out an open qualifying round to determine which teams will enter the group stage ahead of the tournament finals. 64 teams entered the tournament for only 12 teams - 6 from NA and 6 from EU - to move onto the next stage of the Championship. In North America the pre-qualified teams are iBUYPOWER Cosmic and Kings Of Urban, both the dominant squads in the NA Rocket League eSports scene. Joining these two after the qualifying round is Exodus (previously VexX/Turbuence), Mockit eSports NA, Genesis, Lucky Bounce, Selfless, Retrospect (previously known as Onslaught). In Europe the two teams that are already invited to the group stage are We Dem Girlz and Flipsid3 Tactics. The six teams that pass through the open qualifier and into the group stage are Mockit eSports EU, Comrade Gaming, Supersonic Avengers, The Flying Dutchmen, Shoot N Goal and Aeriality. In terms of returning players, the NA side of the competition is proving rather predictable, with all but Orbit returning for the second qualifying round. The team - which has now disbanded - will be replaced by Lucky Bounce. In Europe, however, the strong team KA-POW failed to make it further into the group stages, despite being one of the better EU sides, with four different teams returning for the second qualifier this time around. Only MockIt eSports EU and The Flying Dutchmen - alongside the two pre-qualified teams - are returning for the second qualifier group stage. The Rocket League Championship's group stage will take place this weekend - 25 and 26 June - with the NA teams playing at 7pm GMT on Saturday and the EU teams duking it out at 5pm on the Sunday. If you're needing a bit more insight into the world of Rocket League eSports - and really, it's an eSport worth watching - then we've got an introduction to Rocket League eSports for those still looking for a place to begin.