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Rocket League
Rocket League

Ranking up in Rocket League: Fast Launch Aerials

Behold: it’s another Ginx TV Rocket League masterclass! I’ll admit, the last couple have been a tad theoretical. So before I lose the attention of the class, let’s get onto something more concrete. We’re here to talk about fast launch aerials.

What’s a fast launch aerial?

You know how The Flash is pretty much a human male, only a little bit faster? Well, the fast launch aerial is exactly the same concept (except with flying cars, obviously). If you ever get beaten to the ball in the air, or you’ve seen it sail above your head and trickle into the net one too many times, then the fast launch aerial is for you.

How do I fast launch aerial?

There are three flavours of fast launch aerial, with each utilised in different situations.

1. Double jump before you aerial.

This is the basic form of the fast launch aerial. By double jumping, you double the height at which your car moves vertically. This means you climb higher, faster, and use less boost to get into the air.


You should double jump before almost every aerial. The only exception is when you need to dodge at the end, as your second jump prevents this.

2. Boost during your second jump.

By boosting during your second jump, you provide your car with maximum vertical speed and momentum. You’ll find yourself reaching for the stars faster than ever before - ideal if the ball’s going high. Give this a try in free play. Just jump, tilt your car backwards, then hold down boost as you perform your second jump. You’ll reach the roof in record time, allowing you to hit Rocket League’s glass ceiling faster than you ever thought possible. https://imgur.com/qV0c8uE Imagine how useful this extra burst of vertical pace is when you’re too far forward as the Third Player and the ball is above you. It can also help with reflex saves.

3. Boost during both jumps.

If the ball’s in the air at, say, 45 degrees, how can you ensure you get there before your opponents? By holding down boost for the entirety of your fast launch aerial. https://imgur.com/1Px68A1 So hold boost, jump while holding boost, angle your car while holding boost, perform the second jump while holding boost, and finally steer your car in the air while holding boost. All while never letting go of boost.

Are there any downsides?

The only downside is that double jumping prevents you from dodging at the end of your aerial. But you can dodge after a fast launch - just boost during your first jump, then dodge at the end of your aerial as normal.

Extra tips

Although the move seems simple, mastering it is surprisingly tricky.

  • Learning when you should boost before you jump and when you should boost after you jump is key. Practice in free play!
  • Don’t worry if you miss the ball during your first few games. Your new superpower takes some time to get used to, no matter how much you practice in free play (but totally still practice in free play).
  • Avoid backflipping! You’ll backflip if you fail to completely let go of your analogue stick before performing your second jump. Did we mention you can practice this stuff in free play?

And there you have it! An extremely effective way to dramatically increase your speed around the pitch. Next week we’ll discuss quantum mechanics, and what it suggests about the infinite nature of the universe (either that or maybe some cool training packs that’ll help you improve specific Rocket League mechanics).