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Rocket League
Rocket League

Rocket League: The Best Clips From RLCS Second Qualifier

The Rocket League RLCS second group stage happened over the weekend, and it's proving to be an exciting tournament. In particular the NA league saw a bit of a shake up, with previous top-of-the-leaderboard champions iBUYPOWERCosmic being knocked from its pedestal into fourth place. Kings Of Urban retain its second place position, drawing with new contenders Genesis while in third is Retrospect. The EU side of the league remains mostly unaltered with the same key players battling for top position. A few shaky games over the weekend wasn't enough to ruin Flipsid3 Tactics, though, who remain the champions of the league at the moment. They're followed up by We Dem Girlz, MockIt Esports EU and Supersonic Avengers which - if you've been following the Rocket League RLCS - you'll likely already know the names of. There's nothing too surprising about the state of the EU portion of the league, but it was certainly home to some excellent plays. So we've gathered up the very best clips of goals and saves from the first group stage of the second qualifier for the RLCS, take a look and discover why this is such an exciting eSport.

RLCS - Supersonic Avengers vs We Dem Girlz

We're starting with this clip because it truly highlights just how thrilling Rocket League can be to watch. Here, 2-1 down, We Dem Girlz is looking to equalise in the final few seconds to push into Overtime and give them a chance of victory. A botched attempt at scoring followed up by a fantastic strike that is ultimately stopped by Supersonic Avengers with a delicious clutch save. And in that same game, Supersonic Avengers first managed to equalise with We Dem Girlz after an erratic to and fro between the teams with the perfect subtle redirect from Snaski. Earlier in the series, though, We Dem Girlz proved why they are one of the best squads in the EU circuit. Drawing 1-1 with the game about to head into Overtime, a smooth side wall pass gives Maestro an opportunity, making sure to stop the ball from touching the ground and leading to a buzzer beater that ultimately won the game.

RLCS - Flying Dutchmen vs Aeriality

For all the glamour and hype that skilled aerial shots and last second goals earn, there's something to be said for smart and strategic play too. Such as the teamwork on display in this clip, where Aeriality players Kaydop and Continuum roll the ball in together thanks to smart dribbling from Kaydop and a demolition from Continuum. This is perhaps the most unlucky clip we've got to share. The game is in Overtime and the next goal wins; a continuous back and forth between the two teams leads nowhere until Jessie takes a shot that ultimately doesn't make it... until it bounces off the top of Kaydop and in, for an own goal. And our last one from this game is from Aeriality, with a smooth save that leads to a glorious double-team goal. Slick aerial control sets up the shot for Continuum who smashes it past the defence to score a fifth goal for Aeriality in a game where they utterly smashed the Flying Dutchmen.

Flipsid3 Tactics vs Shoot N Goal

There was plenty to see from this match up, and though Flipsid3 went on to win all 5 games, Shoot N Goal definitely made an attempt at keeping them from doing so. Such as this early leading goal from Chausette45, an aerial tap that only succeeded because of his very smart position behind where the ball was going to be after the inevitable save. But Flipsid3 is a team that is tough to beat, and it's exactly plays like this that prove that. That early leading goal was quickly resolved with two goals in four seconds from Mik3rules, with the first being a great example of the squad's ability to play as a team. And here's one more example of that amazing Flipsid3 teamplay, where each member of the squad gets an extremely important touch on the ball. One last one from Flipsid3, and perhaps one of our favourite goals of the weekend. Kuxir displays a great amount of skill here as he hits it off the wall, aerial boosts beneath the ball and taps it into the back of the net. A wonderful goal.

Flying Dutchmen vs MockIt eSports EU

It's tense moments like this that really make Rocket League so fun to watch. As both teams battle to keep the ball aloft - to prevent Overtime from starting - it takes a super strike from Paschy to take the final goal and win the game.

Aeriality vs Comrade Gaming

Comrade Gaming might not be much of a contender for the top team in the EU league right now, but if they keep pulling off outstanding shots like this then they'll certainly change that.

iBUYPOWERCosmic vs Lucky Bounce

There's not much we can say about this goal, just watch the clip and you'll see for yourself why it is worthy of being picked... With Cosmic already four goals up this wasn't an important goal for the team, but the passing game that the squad played was incredible - culminating in an intentional rebound from the post to free up a finishing strike.

MockIt eSports NA vs Genesis

Genesis is now challenging for top of the leaderboard, and with plays like this one it's very easy to see why. There are few plays over the weekend that can compete with this one. And lastly, here's Genesis once more playing smooth as butter plays, with Pluto setting up the perfect assist before immediately racing towards the goal to shunt the only goalkeeper out of the way to guarantee the goal for Quinn Lobdell.