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Rocket League
Rocket League

The Best Goals From Rocket League's Championship Finals

To call it a showdown is understating it a bit. The first Rocket League Championship Series finals took place over the weekend, and it was a battle of the best - the most notorious names in Rocket League - as NA faced off against EU. The road to the grand finals was littered with a number of surprising knockouts, and we could point to the likes of MockIt eSports, The Flying Dutchmen, Kings Of Urban or Northern Gaming (previously We Dem Girlz) each as names that wouldn't have been a surprise to see in the Rocket League Championship finals. That's a testament, perhaps, to the high level of competition and excitement of the RLCS, but then we've already told you about just how great Rocket League is as an eSport. If you managed to miss the tournament, let's relive it together the only way we know how... through the magic of highlight clips.

RCLS Quarterfinals Winners - Northern Gaming, Exodus, The Flying Dutchmen & iBuyPower Cosmic

In what was the beginning of a dominating start for Northern Gaming (formerly We Dem Girlz), the first of the Rocket League Championship Series Quarterfinals went fairly smoothly with a 3-0 victory over Genesis. The opening goal was a cheeky one, too, with Northern Gaming's Greazymeister - or simply Greazy - seeing the shot from a great distance, bursting into the air and tapping it into the net for the perfect goal to open the finals of RLCS in a match that went comfortably to Northern Gaming at 4-0.

Greazy's opening goal for the RLCS finals...

Meanwhile the game between Exodus and Mock-It EU was always going to be a closer one, though many expected might have expected a little more from the typically strong Mock-It squad. Their games were mostly a back and forth between the two, though ultimately it was Exodus who charged ahead in each, taking all three matches without a single going to Mock-It EU. Perhaps the most exciting clip, however, was in the first game, where - having already been on the back foot with a 2-0 deficit - Mock-It manages to score a beautiful equaliser in the last couple of seconds to force overtime.

Mock-It EU scores a fantastic equaliser.

Despite the match-up between The Flying Dutchman and Kings Of Urban being a tough one to call, it was still a surprise to see KoU so handily dispatched with three games to one. Kings Of Urban have been proving themselves all season, and it wasn't as tense a match as it could have been. There wasn't quite so many exceptional moments as a result. The 5-2 victory by The Flying Dutchmen in game three might have been the standout match of the series, but it was this exceptional display of dribbling by Jessie that is the most memorable goal of the bunch. Though iBuyPower Cosmic and Flipsid3 Tactics would later go on to meet once more in the finals, this close set of matches was a precursor for how close the grand final would end up for the two sides. All five matches were played with 12 and 13 goals going to iBP and F3 respectively - though iBuyPower would ultimately go on to take the fifth and final game, knocking Flipsid3 into the Losers Bracket. With so many goals there are undoubtedly a vast number to choose from, but it's perhaps this trio of opportunities that resulted in edge-of-the-seat gasps until a gentle tap in scored the opener in game four.

iBuyPower Cosmic peppers the goal until one finally breaks through...

Rocket League Championship Series - Semifinals

Northern Gaming's hot-streak didn't end with the quarterfinals, as it went into its match against Exodus looking to scorch anyone in its way. Exodus played well, that's for sure, but NG was just on a different level this time around - scoring 16 goals to Exodus' 5 and crushing each game for a 3-0 victory. It's impossible to pick any favourites, but the pair of goals from the opening match are a great example of the form that Northern Gaming was on. The first was an outstanding display of preemption from Remkoe, who managed to perfectly tap a high backboard rebound into an empty space for Maestro to masterfully finish up with a powerful strike. The second was Maestro again, who single-handedly drove the ball towards the goal before hitting the tightest of angles and scoring his second of the match.

Remkoe displays precognition with this glorious tap from a high rebound.
Maestro scores another, finding the most impossible of angles to shoot from...

The Flying Dutchmen's confident start in the quarterfinals seemingly drained when facing iBuyPower in the semis. Much like Northern Gaming before it, iBP was looking for blood and it utterly crushed TFD. It went on to win three straight games, scoring 12 goals with The Flying Dutchmen only managing 4 - in fact, the squad failed to even score in its first game. In the first game we saw iBuyPower's Kronovi handle himself with great poise as he used the rear of his car to control a backboard rebound, before neatly veering around for the finishing strike. Things weren't completely hopeless for The Flying Dutchmen, mind. The second game - where it scored three goals - showed the team take the lead with two beautiful goals within seconds of each other. Dogu sneaks into the smallest of openings in between Lachino and the ball with a beautiful barrel roll that takes full control, earning himself a goal. This was followed up by an equally skillful shot from Jessie who smartly tapped the ball just-so to prevent a deflection from the incoming Kronovi.

Kronovi gets cheeky with a back heel tap...
A pair of goals from The Flying Dutchmen take the lead...

Rocket League Championship Series - Winners Finals

Ahead of the tense grand finals was the last pairing for the Winners Bracket, Northern Gaming versus iBuyPower and - considering these two had been dominating their games prior - it was as intense as you could expect. Ultimately the series when 2-4 to iBP, but Northern Gaming - who were easily one of the strongest teams in Rocket League right now - didn't go down without a fight. The first clip here is of a fantastic three-tough play by iBuyPower, demonstrating the high-level teamwork that can make for some ultimate shots. Three passes onto players who were each waiting and ready for one another's taps is an incredible feat of team play, even if the goal was only successful because of a wayward tap by Northern Gaming. While there were many other impressive aerial shots throughout the series, we also wanted to draw attention to iBuyPower's 0verZer0, whose skillful and smart ball control - blocking a predicted deflection by Northern Gaming, rather than going for a strike - highlights the depth of talent needed to achieve success with Rocket League.

Each member of iBuyPower gets a touch on target.
0verZer0 displays incredible ball control...

Rocket League Championship Series Grand Finals - iBuyPower versus FlipSid3 Tactics

After FlipSide3 Tactics overcomes a deflated Northern Gaming in the Losers Bracket, it makes its way once more over to the grand finals where it takes on a very threatening team in iBuyPower. The series is one of the closest of the entire tournament, with the majority of games ending with only a single goal difference. For anyone watching it was a close call to make, before ultimately the sixth game is won by iBuyPower who goes on to claim its grand finals victory at 4-2. Rather than go into too much detail with the clips, here's a selection of some of the best from the RLCS grand finals...

Lachino finds the perfect opportunity in overtime.
Mik3Rules lands a bounce shot that hops by all three defenders...
Perfect teamplay by FlipSid3
Kronovi scores the tightest of angles when it's needed the most...