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Rocket League
Rocket League

The Best Goals of the Rocket League Championship Series

Rocket League

’s premier event, the RLCS, is gearing up for its championship stage where the best teams from the NA and the EU will duke it out in a knockout tournament for a place in the global finals. But if you’ve not been paying attention, for the last few weeks the RLCS has also had its league stage, and as ever it’s been an incredible set of matches to watch - as much for the drama and the upsets as for the incredible goals themselves. In fact it’s the goals that make Rocket League one of the most thrilling esports to watch, and so as we wait for the next round of the RLCS Season 3 to take place we’re looking back at the very best goals from the league games.

Deevo double taps it in

One of the most common goals in Rocket League is the crossbar-and-in shot, where the player bounces the ball purposefully too high above the goal only to slam dunk it in on the rebound. In the game between Northern Gaming and Cow Nose, NG’s Deevo decides not to wait for it. Here he boosts upwards to time it with the rebound to take a shot at an impossible angle, rather than waiting for the ball to line up more suitably with the net. It made for a goal that simply couldn’t have been blocked, and an incredibly quick shot that took some split second skill to achieve.

Paschy air dribbles past Kuxir

There’s something just so gracefully beautiful about this goal from Gale Force Esports’ Paschy90, one of the best players in Rocket League. It begins with a casual tap that lobs the ball arcing into the air. Paschy immediately follows that up by launching himself up and after the ball, diving around to gently dribble the ball past the defending Kuxir who, believing Paschy will attempt to strike the ball into the net, flies right past to leave an open net.

Mid-air acrobatics from Danzhizzle

Another double tap here, but this one is mostly impressive because of the high flying acrobatics on display from Danzhizzle. The Cow Nose player clearly has a keen sense of the game’s physics as he floats alongside the ball for the perfect tap into the net. It’s an impressive feat that starts with a tight angled tap from off the wall before following up with rocket flight with the ball’s trajectory. Rather than try and knock the ball into the net with a new angle, however, Danzhizzle smartly positions himself for the rebound for the perfect block-shot into the goal.

Penta makes a play

Full team plays can make for some of the best goals thanks to the well-timed teamwork that is required to make it happen. This passing play from Penta Sports is one such example of that. Pwndx gets the ball into the air and towards the goal, but as he heads forward to follow up any potential attempt at goal Killer taps it from below just so it flies beyond the defensive tackle from Markydooda to put it - and an open net - in front of Freakii to finish.

Genesis takes overtime

Despite playing against G2 Esports, one of the best teams in Rocket League, Genesis made itself known in this game. Already in overtime, Genesis needed to pull out the stops if it was to push on for the 3-1 victory it ended up claiming. It’s Chrome that makes this one happen, a long and high ball from Insolences doesn’t seem to be going anywhere until Chrome blasts forward, gets into the air and taps the ball just right to angle it into the net with a hard-to-stop shot.

Nothing stops Markydooda

As one of the biggest names in Rocket League, you can often expect to see great one-man goals from Flipsid3 Tactics’ Markydooda, but this one is a real treat showing just how much control and understanding of the game Marky has. Here he gently taps it to the left of the goal, a common strategy to force a defensive move before the full strike on goal. But what is impressive is how he flips his car to give it enough friction to stop immediately after the jump, setting him up for the perfect position for the rebound and the goal. Even getting his car destroyed does nothing to stop this goal.

ViolentPanda takes control

Goals like this are ones that separate the pro players from the amateurs, as they display a core understanding of every finite aspect of the game and how to use the systems beneath the hood. ViolentPanda leaps into the air but instead of bumping the ball with the front of the car uses the rear to flick it - pinball style - towards the goal. If that wasn’t enough, he maintains his speed and finishes off the display perfectly with a shot from the rebound.

Nielskoek dribbles it perfectly

It can feel dirty watching tricks like this from Cow Nose’s Nielskoek, because while they’re incredibly impressive to watch it’s heartbreaking for the defenders. This particular goal shows a wicked level of dribbling skill from Nielskoek, who practically stops the ball in a second, baiting Maestro into racing towards the ball in one direction. The timing on this is delicious, with Nielskoek knowing exactly where Maestro will be and when and changing the ball’s direction at exactly the right time. Once Maestro has been duped, it’s an easy open goal from there.

The Rocket League Championship Series continues in the regional knockout stage on May 6 for North America and May 7 for Europe. If you need to know who’s who in the competition ahead of the main event, then we’ve put together a rundown of the best Rocket League teams in esports.