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Rocket League
Rocket League

The best Rocket League plays of September 2018

With both the Rocket League Championship Series and Rival Series in full swing, there's no shortage of utterly brilliant highlights being passed around right about now. Whether they're wild aerial shots, immaculate passing plays, or team-crushing solo goals, there's an absolute mass of high-level Rocket League plays worth seeing from September 2018. Don't have hours to scroll through Twitch or Twitter to see them all? No problem: we've picked out some of the absolute top shots from the month, all helpfully compiled below with the clips ready to watch.


Squishy does it all

Mariano "SquishyMuffinz" Arruda's quick reactions and mechanical prowess help him prevail in so many different competitive situations, but it's still stunning to see the Cloud9 player outplay an entire team—with zero boost left on the back half of this slaughter, no less. Granted, Allegiance is in last place in NA, but this is more about Squishy's skill than their deficiencies. (Honorable mention: FlipSid3 Tactics' David "Miztik" Lawrie had his own awesome 1v3 goal this past weekend.)

Jstn revitalises NRG

Speaking of one nutty player showing off his skills: after giving up the first two games to Ghost, NRG seemed perilously close to being upset in this week three matchup. Luckily, the young NA phenom turned it on at the right moment to kick-start his team's comeback, beginning with this silly solo jaunt around the edge of the pitch. It's the delightfully wonky hood bump at the end that seals the deal. As loopy as this might look, Jstn is always pulling off stuff like this… and he started it all with a daring save, no less.


Alpha54's Savage finish

Rookie Alpha54 should, theoretically, be overshadowed on Rival Series team Savage!, given that his teammates are high-flying former RLCS stars David "Deevo" Morrow and Daniel "Bluey" Bluett. That hasn't actually been the case, however, as seen in this scene-stealing scoring play against Nordavind DNB. Deevo and Bluey both help get the ball near the net, but it's Alpha54's incredible angle—leaping off of the back wall, no less—that seals the deal here. He can clearly hold his own on this superstar team.


Bluey bangs it in

Speaking of Bluey… this is a marvellous solo play from their battle against Method, and it's from an unreasonable angle no less. He just never gives up on the ball, shepherding it from the left side wall while carefully nudging it around the top until he could sneak it into the upper right corner for the score. Bluey's starting over in the Rival Series after a falling out with his old RLCS team, Paris Saint-Germain, but he clearly still has the spark needed to get back to the top level.


Torment's dead-on doink

Squishy had our headline play for September, but don't let that fool you: his Cloud9 teammates are more than capable of pulling off their own sensational shots. Here, we see Jesus "Gimmick" Parra slam a ball towards the vicinity of the goal, just slightly off the mark, but then comes Kyle "Torment" Storer cruising in with the perfectly-timed doink off of the top of his car to redirect the shot into the goal. It's not flashy on Torment's part, but it is both hilarious and impressive.


Gimmick's spinning score

That tandem works just as well in reverse, by the way. FlyQuest might have stunned Cloud9 with the surprising upset this past weekend, but this play demands to be seen. After Torment lofts the ball up towards the back wall, Gimmick springs into action, soars straight up into the air, and spins wildly following his first tap to deliver the ball into the goal. The precision here in the moment is just staggering.


Tigreee's tire touch

Maik "Tigreee" Hoffmann proved his abilities in the Rival Series last season with Team Secret, and now he's showing off a bit in the RLCS with Mousesports. That's our takeaway from this highlight, at least, which sees Tigreee hovering on the back wall until a lofted ball from Kevin "Skyline" Carvalho comes into view—and then he leaps, spins, drops a tire on it, and watches the ball magically fall into the net. Incredible stuff, but Mouz's 2-0 start has given way to four straight losses, making next weekend's match against FlipSid3 Tactics all the more critical. https://twitter.com/RLEsports/status/1041383269147717632 All images courtesy of Psyonix. And that's the best Rocket League goals from September. Did we miss any? Something you thought was way better than all of these? Send us a tweet and let us know!