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Rocket League
Rocket League

Watch the 5 best goals from the RLCS World Championships

LANdon is over. Let me say it one more time (because I’m finally over the ‘denial’ stage of my grief): LANdon is over. Hashtag sadface. The three-day event provided us with some of the most competitive Rocket League in history, capped off with the goal that many feel is the most exciting Rocket League moment of all time. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry – it’s in the list below. So, let’s look back in celebration. Here are the five best goals of the #LANdon RLCS.

5. al0t’s angled buzzer-beater

(compLexity v Dignitas, lower bracket finals) The best Rocket League goals require some context, and this last-second finish from al0t is no exception. With the timer reaching zero, the game ends as soon as the ball hits the floor. All Dignitas had to do was force it downwards and they’d take the first game of the lower bracket finals. Step up al0t, from one of his trademark impossible angles: https://twitter.com/RLEsports/status/1005860469368938498

4. Kaydop’s angled backboard finish

(NRG v Dignitas, grand finals after bracket reset) The grand finals will be remembered forever, but one wondergoal that snuck its way under the radar was Kaydop’s angled backboard strike. It wasn’t just the finish itself that made this goal so impressive, but the one-two pass with ViolentPanda beforehand and the vision Kaydop had when he made his first infield pass. You can see from his movement that as soon as he hit that ball, he knew exactly what goal he wanted to score. And boy did he stick the landing. https://twitter.com/RLEsports/status/1005901692657946627

3. GarrettG’s reflex ceiling reset

(NRG v Dignitas, grand finals before bracket reset) Did I mention the grand finals would be remembered forever? GarrettG’s the sort of guy who could improvise his way out of a parking ticket. He initially tried for a double-tap touch off the wall, but a bump from Turbopolsa knocked his car harmlessly towards the ceiling… …except, Garrett had the awareness to rotate his car so all four wheels hit the ceiling at the same time (giving a flip reset so he could dodge into the ball), then jump downwards off the ceiling and, well, do this. https://twitter.com/RLEsports/status/1005881870771474432

2. Deevo’s vertical backboard dish

(NRG v EnVy, quarterfinals) EnVy’s day one performance was pretty poor, but the beauty of Rocket League at this level is that even when playing badly, players like Deevo can pull off stuff that just makes you say… “wat?” Deevo knocked the ball onto his opponents’ backboard, landed there, somehow read the ball as it fell off the upper ramp, and then jumped off the backboard and dodged backwards to knock the ball in. Believe me, it’s even more impressive when you see it in action. https://twitter.com/RLEsports/status/1005115909764239361 Bonus: here’s the goal from his perspective: https://twitter.com/Doomseee/status/1006890931935727617 Again…wat?

1. JSTN’s last second equaliser)

(NRG v Dignitas, grand finals after flip reset) Game 7 of the grand finals. Dignitas had already forced a bracket reset. With $100k on the line, it all came down to this final game. Four seconds left, and Turbopolsa scores to give Dignitas a 3-2 lead. NRG only have four seconds from the ball’s first contact to equalise and keep themselves in the tournament. What follows is the greatest moment in Rocket League history. Perhaps the greatest in the history of esports. It’s a moment media giants ESPN have tweeted out; a moment the Rocket League community are still feverishly consuming days later. This. Is. Rocket League. https://twitter.com/RLEsports/status/1006577035429347329 It may not be the most technical finish, but 15-year-old JSTN’s composure at the biggest moment of his life, with hundreds of thousands watching at home and an electric, almost rabid atmosphere in the Copper Box arena created something none of us will ever forget. Congratulations, JSTN, for scoring the goal of the tournament. And providing a piece of Rocket League folklore that may never be beaten. Before we let you go, here’s the goal from the crowd’s perspective:

Listen to that roar.