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Best Diablo 4 Loot Cave For Legendary & Unique Item Drops

We explain where the best loot cave currently is in Diablo 4, with its exact location and method, and discuss if it is any good.
Best Diablo 4 Loot Cave For Legendary & Unique Item Drops

Looking for the best loot cave in Diablo 4 to run over and over again for Legendary or even Unique item drops? Then we've got you covered, Nephalem, so you don't miss out on those shiny item drops.

This guide explains the method and location for what many consider the best loot cave in the whole of Diablo 4's Sanctuary, and we discuss if it is really any good after trying it out for ourselves.

Best Diablo 4 Loot Cave: Maugan’s Works Location

Diablo 4 best loot cave maugan's work dungeon location item farm legendary uniques
The location of Maugan's Work in Diablo 4's Hawezar region. (Picture: MapGenie)

The image above shows the Maugan's Work dungeon location in Hawezar, dubbed the best loot cave in Diablo 4. This is due to one room randomly featuring well over a dozen elites, perfect for farming.

Check out the steps below to farm the best loot cave in Diablo 4 with relative ease. We suggest Nightmare (World Tier 3) difficulty for level 50 characters:

  • Head to Maugan's Work and enter the dungeon.
  • Run past the initial, non-elite enemies.
  • Find a room not far into the dungeon (random) with a massive number of elites.
  • Kill them and collect your loot.
  • Use the shortcut in your action wheel to leave the dungeon.
  • Exit Diablo 4.
  • Run the game again and log in to reset the Maugan's Work dungeon.
  • Rinse and repeat until your urge for shiny Legendary and possibly Unique item drops is satisfied.

It is important to note that Blizzard has been on the ball so far with pushing out hotfix updates quickly, so the "best" Diablo 4 loot cave might well get nerfed to the ground very quickly. Even in its current state, however, it might not even be all that great...

Is The Diablo 4 Loot Cave Any Good?

Diablo 4 best loot cave maugan's work dungeon location item farm legendary uniques
Nightmare Dungeons still provide better loot in our experience. (Picture: Blizzard)

We ran the loot cave, Maugan’s Work dungeon in Hawezar, on Nightmare (World Tier 3) difficulty and managed 2-minute runs (including the dungeon reset). After 12 runs, we got 11 Legendary item drops, three of which were Sacred and no Unique items. 

Keep in mind that this was with an Ice Blades Barrier Sorcerer, and when we entered the room with elites, we only pressed one button, and they all exploded, so less powerful builds or characters could take 4 minutes. 

So 12 runs equal 24 minutes for 11 Legendary items. How good is that compared to Nightmare Dungeon runs? Well, not great as we received, on average, 8 Legendary items and one Unique per Nightmare Dungeon run, which took us just under 20 minutes.

So is even the best loot cave in Diablo 4 worth it? In our opinion, not really, as Nightmare Dungeon runs also help you upgrade Glyphs and provide a lot of variety, while the loot cave is the same thing over and over again...

Check out our video below, where we discuss the world of Sanctuary and what you can expect from all the regions of Diablo 4.

So there you have it, the best loot cave in Diablo 4, until Blizzard decides to nerf it. Yes, it is decent, but with so many awesome activities to complete, is it really worth it? If a new best loot cave for Diablo 4 gets discovered, we will endeavor to update this article.

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