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Diablo 4 Season 1 Varshan the Consumed Boss: Location & Rewards

In our Diablo 4 Varshan the Consumed boss guide, we explain how to beat this powerful foe, its location, and the rewards players can receive in Season 1.
Diablo 4 Season 1 Varshan the Consumed Boss: Location & Rewards

Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant, aka Season 1, features the new Malignant Hearts mechanic as players fight against the "corruption" spreading across Sanctuary. There's a new boss in Diablo 4 Season 1, called Varshan the Consumed, and we've got you covered!

This guide explains the location of Varshan the Consumed, rewards players can get, and more for Diablo 4 Season 1, so let's jump in.

Varshan The Consumed Boss Location in Diablo 4 Season 1

Season 1 of Diablo 4 features a new story and plot for players to engage with, and towards the end of this questline, you'll take on the "Cold Hard Truth" quest, in which you will need to find and defeat Varhsan. Varshan is located in the Velkhova Church Undercroft in the Fractured Peaks area. 

Diablo 4 Varshan Boss Guide How To Location and waypoints
Using the waypoint shown, players can make their way to meet Cormond and find Varshan. (Picture:

To initiate the journey to Varshan, players must first meet with Cormond outside of Velkhova. He will be waiting at his workbench located in the Olyam Tundra. You can reach this location by either using the Kyovashad or the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoints in Fracture Peaks.

Once you find Cormond, he will brief you on the task at hand – clearing the Malignant from Velkhova. To achieve this, you need to eliminate all the enemies that appear on three marked circles on the map. After completing this task, have another conversation with Cormond, and then make your way to the Velkhova Church Undercroft, which is just a short distance to the east, situated beneath the Velkhova Inn Cellar.

Upon entering the dungeon known as The Buried Sanctum, your objective is to locate The Ritual Site. Progress through this area, being wary of the enemies that populate the Caves of Velkhova, until you reach The Ritual Site.

Diablo 4 Varshan The Consumed boss season 1 location malignant tunnels rewards how to beat defeat S1
Once you're at the end of the quest, Cormond will begin the ritual to summon Varshan. (Picture: Blizzard)

Once you arrive at The Ritual Site, speak with Cormond again. He will instruct you to prepare the ritual by clearing any corruption from the site and then interact with three Ritual Incense braziers to ignite them. After completing these preparations, talk to Cormond once more. He will commence the ritual, and you must protect him from the ensuing waves of Malignant creatures.

Once you successfully defeat all the Malignants, Varshan The Consumed will emerge as the final boss. Be cautious, as this is a challenging battle. Take your time and utilize the tips provided below to effectively defeat Varshan.

Diablo 4 Varshan The Consumed: How To Beat

Throughout the battle with Varshan The Consumed, players must be vigilant of four primary attacks that he employs, all of which can cause significant damage over time and inflict poison after build-up. These abilities are listed below:

Diablo 4 Varshan The Consumed boss season 1 location malignant tunnels rewards how to beat defeat S1
Beating Varshan the Consumed can easily be a challenge for most players, so keep some of the tips below in mind. (Picture: Blizzard)
  • Tendril Swipe: Varshan executes three horizontal swipes with his tendrils. Each hit inflicts damage and applies damage over time. Players can utilize the Dash's ability to position themselves behind him and continue their offense.
  • Tendril Stab: Varshan thrusts his tendril forward, dealing damage over time. Players can evade this attack by moving to either the left or right.
  • Tendril Lunge: If players attempt to create distance between themselves and Varshan, he will use his tendrils to pull himself towards them and strike. Timely use of the dash ability can evade this attack.
  • Explosive Decay: When Varshan's HP is reduced by half, he spreads decay on the ground that explodes, causing area-of-effect damage. Players must avoid the decayed areas to remain unharmed.

To enhance their survivability during the fight, players should consider defensive strategies. Crafting an Elixir of Poison Resistance at the Alchemist can help counter the poison effects.

Utilizing a class with Crowd Control abilities proves highly advantageous against Varshan. These abilities not only slow him down but also fill up the Stagger Bar, allowing players to maximize damage output without taking damage during the staggered period. Coordinating Crowd Control abilities in a party will fill up the Stagger Bar even faster. Players should also eliminate the spawned enemies near Varshan to prevent him from creating barriers to block damage.

Diablo 4 Varshan Boss Guide How To Beat tips
By using these tips, and staying on your toes by fighting carefully, you should easily be able to take down Varshan. (Picture: YouTube / Iczel Gaming)

Additionally, the battle progresses through three distinct phases, represented by triangles on Varshan's HP bar. Depleting his HP for each triangle causes Healing Potions to drop, which players must pick up and use continuously to stay alive. Varshan's attack frequency increases as players deal more damage, so it's crucial to follow the provided tips, evade his attacks, slow him down, and find opportunities to deal damage in between to eventually defeat him.

Varshan The Consumed Rewards in Diablo 4 S1

After successfully defeating Varshan The Consumed, you may naturally be curious about the rewards it offers, and you are not alone in that aspect. Here are the rewards bestowed upon players after the boss encounter:

  • Recipe: Invoker of Varshan (Answers in the Ashes)
  • Foul Invoker of Varshan (World Tier I & II)
  • Tormented Invoker of Varshan (World Tier III)
  • Malignant Hearts
  • Gold
  • Gear
  • Experience Points (XP)

The Invokers mentioned above are particularly special items as they allow you to summon more potent versions of the boss, which, upon defeating, provide even greater rewards once the seasonal quest is complete. For more in-depth information on the Invokers of Varshan in Diablo 4 and to obtain rare and valuable rewards, be sure to refer to our comprehensive guide.

That's everything we know so far about Varshan the Consumed Boss in Diablo 4 Season 1. If any more information becomes available, we will endeavor to update this article with haste, so stay tuned for more!

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