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Diablo 4 Uniques: All Unique Items & Stats

Learn about all the currently-known Unique items in Diablo 4, including their exact stats and powers.
Diablo 4 Uniques: All Unique Items & Stats

Shiny loot and fresh meat! That's what the Diablo franchise has always been about, and Diablo 4 is no different. We are excited to share that Unique items will return in Diablo 4, and we can't wait for that first drop. If you are new to the franchise, then you might be wondering what Unique items are, and veterans might want to learn everything they can about all the Diablo 4 Uniques.

This consistently updated article provides you not only with an explanation of Uniques in Diablo 4 but lists every single Unique item revealed thus far.

Update on 29 March 2023: We've update this article with the latest details about Diablo 4's unique items.

The Diablo 4 Open Beta has now ended and we look towards the game's full launch on 6 June 2023, or 2 June for those with Early Access.

What Are Uniques in Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 all unique items uniques stats effects classes
Unique items are the rarest drops in Diablo 4, meaning you will need to slay hordes of demons to get one. (Picture: Blizzard)

Unique items are the rarest item quality currently known for Diablo 4. Nephalem will have a tough time finding more than a few during a Diablo 4 season (these run for three months). Diablo 4's Unique items come with, well, unique powers.

They also have a distinctive look; for example, the Butcher's Cleaver, and come with fixed Affixes that players cannot change. Uniques are also not tradable items; since they are so powerful, we expect a tonne of "best" builds in Diablo 4 to feature specific Unique items. Furthermore, players can only equip one Unique item at a time!

All Diablo 4 Unique Items & Stats

Diablo 4 all unique items uniques stats effects classes
The developers have previously shown off work-in-progress unique items for the Druid class alongside their stats and effect. (Picture: Blizzard)

First and foremost, this is just the start of the Unique items list for Diablo 4. At the time of writing, only six have been found, but we are sure there are dozens more. With that in mind, we will keep this article updated as soon as more Diablo 4 Uniques are found.

Below, you can check out the Unique items either revealed by Blizzard (as per the image above) or found by playtesters thus far. This includes full item stats as well as the unique effect, item type, and class restrictions.

The Butcher's Cleaver (Axe)

  • Class: Barbarian
  • Unique Effect: Immobilize your target for [1.0-3.0] seconds when you Critically Strike.
  • 2.0 - 4.5% Attack Speed
  • +6.5 - 11.5% Damage to Healthy Enemies
  • +4.5 - 7.5% Damage While Healthy
  • Lucky Hit: 5% Chance to heal 35 - 57

Lore text: "A nightmarish amalgam of blood, bone, and steel, this axe is as horrific, and as deadly, as its creator."

Melted Heart of Selig (Amulet)

  • Class: All Classes
  • Unique Effect: Gain +100% bonus maximum resource. In addition, when you take damage, drain [3.0-6.0] resource for every 1% of Life you would have lost instead.
  • 4.5 - 8.0% Damage Reduction
  • +4.5 - 8.0% Cooldown Reduction
  • +3.0 - 6.0% Critical Strike Chance
  • +6 - 10 All Stats

Lore text: "Do not allow your passions to become obsessions. Fuel the fire that burns within you, but it is madness to allow yourself to become ash to please an uncaring universe. - Last words of Master Selig"

Flamescar (Amulet)

  • Class: Sorcerer
  • Unique Effect: While Channeling Incinerate, you periodically shoot embers that are attracted to enemies, dealing 469 Fire Damage.
  • +20% Damage to Healthy Enemies
  • Luck Hit: Up to +10.0% Chance to Stun
  • +5.3% Dodge Chance
  • +11.0% Damage

Lore text: "The burn may heal, but the pain is eternal."

Kilt of the Plaguebringer (Pants)

  • Class: Druid
  • Unique effect: Your poisons no longer deal damage over time. Instead, 127% of the total damage is dealt to the target when your poisons expire.
  • 651 Defense
  • +46 Max Life
  • 11% Elite Damage Reduction
  • 3.5% Reduced Potion Cooldown
  • +1% rank to Hunt the Weak

Lore text: "They said a single scratch from the thorn of the Plague Rose meant certain death. But somehow, it made him immune. Only him. The rest of his village wasn't so lucky.

Mad Wolf's Glee (Chest)

  • Class: Druid
  • Unique effect: Poisoned enemies hit by your Lacerate or Thrash instantly deal 25% of the remaining damage to all nearby enemies
  • 1,139 Defense
  • +22 Strength
  • +51 Max Life
  • +4% Dodge Chance
  • 5% Damage Reduction

Lore text: "He was not a victim of the curse. He sought it out. As his body changed from man to beast, his laughter never ceased."

Stormwalker's Cudgel (1-hand Mace)

  • Class: Druid
  • Unique on Hit Effect: When Hurricane deals damage, there is a chance to automatically cast Tornado at the target for free.
  • 951 Attack (Fast)
  • +13 All Stats
  • 6% Melee Damage
  • 8% Critical Strike Damage
  • +5% Attack Speed

Lore text: "You do not command the storm. It may hear your call, but it will answer how it pleases."

So there you have it, all the known Unique items in Diablo 4 thus far, including their exact stats, which players can farm once the game releases on 6 June 2023. We will endeavor to keep this article updated as more Uniques get revealed or if any stats on the current ones change.


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