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All Diablo 4 Druid Legendary Aspects & Powers

In this guide, we'll look at all of the Legendary aspects and Powers you can choose from for the Druid class in Diablo 4.
All Diablo 4 Druid Legendary Aspects & Powers

All of the classes in Diablo 4 have unique and interesting abilities that set them apart from the others, and the Druid class is one of the most unique of them all. By combining the abilities of shapeshifting, melee combat, spell casting, and even summoning, the Druid class is to be reckoned with. 

As with all classes, though, the Druid can be taken to the next level of power and lethality when paired with the right Legendary aspects and powers. So in this guide, we'll give you a breakdown of all the Legendary Aspects and powers that the Druid class has to choose from in Diablo 4. 

Update on 23 March 2023: Don't forget that you can play in the Diablo 4 Open Beta running from 24 to 27 March 2023, where you can start collecting Druid Legendary Aspects and Powers.

Diablo 4 Druid Legendary Aspect Categories

All Diablo 4 Druid Legendary Aspects & Powers Benefits and Categories
Legendary Aspects differ in their category, and when used on armor pieces with the same category, you'll gain even more powerful buffs, which the Druid benefits from immensely. (Picture: Blizzard)

To give you some insight into Legendary Aspects and Powers in Diablo 4, the first thing you should know is that Legendary Aspects can be imprinted on pieces of gear, as well as extracted from them and stored in the Codex of Power for further use with the aid of the Occuslist NPC. Once you have a handful of Aspects on your person, they will fall into the following categories: 

  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Mobility
  • Utility
  • Resource
All Diablo 4 Druid Legendary Aspects & Powers Categories to keep noted
Once you know which aspects match a piece of gear category, you can match them up and create more powerful pieces of gear with the aspect you choose. (Picture: Blizzard)

The type of Aspect; Offensive, Defensive, etc., determines which piece of gear they can be applied to. So adding an offensive Aspect to a gear with an offensive slot will boost its overall offensive power. As shown in the image above, specific gear has specific category slots, so keep those in mind when choosing which aspects you want on your gear for the Druid class. 

All Diablo 4 Druid Legendary Aspects & Powers

So now that you know which gear pieces match with the Legendary Aspect categories, you can now start choosing the correct Aspects for the Druid class in Diablo 4. For the Druid class in Diablo 4, we've included all of the known Legendary Aspects and their Powers below, along with advantages for your character and information on how and where to get them for your Codex of Power.

Aspect Name Category Aspect Power Dungeon Region
Aspect of Cyclonic Force Defensive Cyclone Armor also provides Physical Damage Reduction. In addition, Cyclone Armor will also be applied to all Nearby Allies. TBD Kehjistan
Aspect of Mending Stone Defensive The duration of Earthen Bulwark is increased by 6 seconds. In addition, killing an enemy with Earth Skills replenishes X of your active Earthen Bulwark's barrier. TBD Dry Steppes
Skinwalker's Aspect Defensive When you use a Shapeshifting Skill that changes your form, gain X Life. If you are at full Life, gain the same amount as Fortify Fading Echo Kehjistan
Stalking Beast Aspect Defensive Gain Stealth for 2 seconds when killing enemies with Shred. Breaking Stealth with an attack grants Ambush which guarantees Critical Strikes for 1.0 seconds. Anica's Claim Fractured Peaks
Vigorous Aspect Defensive Gain 10.0% Damage Reduction while Shapeshifted into a Werewolf. TBD Hawezar
Crashstone Aspect Offensive Earth Skills deal x40% more Critical Strike damage to Crowd Controlled enemies. TBD Scosglen
Nighthowler's Aspect Offensive Blood Howl increases Critical Strike Chance by 5.0%. In addition, Blood Howl also affects Nearby Companions and Players for 3 seconds. Forbidden City Fractured Peaks
Overcharged Aspect Offensive Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance when dealing Lightning damage to overload the target for 3 seconds, causing any direct damage you deal to them to pulse X additional damage to surrounding enemies. TBD Scosglen
Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast Offensive The duration of Grizzly Rage is increased by 1 second. In addition, Critical Strikes while Grizzly Rage is active increase your Critical Strike Damage by 10% for the duration. TBD Hawezar
Aspect of Retaliation Offensive Your Core Skills deal up to x20% increased damage based on your percent Fortified Health. TBD Dry Steppes
Shepherd's Aspect Offensive Core Skills deal an additional 6.0% damage for each active Companion. TBD Dry Steppes
Aspect of the Tempest Offensive Hurricane damage is increased by x7.0% each second while active. TBD Hawezar
Aspect of the Ursine Horror Offensive Pulverize is now also an Earth Skill. After casting Pulverize, tectonic spikes continue to deal X damage over 2 seconds. Belfry Zakara Hawezar
Aspect of the Changeling's Debt Resource Werebear Skills restore 1.0 Spirit when you hit enemies afflicted by your Poisons. When Spirit is restored, your Poison effects are removed from the enemy. TBD Kehjistan
Mangled Aspect Resource Gain 1 Spirit when you are struck as a Werebear. Immortal Emanation Fractured Peaks
Storm Beast's Aspect Resource Lucky Hit: Storm Skills have up to a 15% chance to grant 10 Spirit.
Your base Storm Skills are now also Werewolf Skills.
TBD Dry Steppes
Aspect of the Unsatiated Resource After killing an enemy with Shred, your next Werewolf Skill generates x20% more Spirit and deals x20% increased damage. Tormented Ruins Fractured Peaks
Ballistic Aspect Utility When you have Fortified Life your Earth Skills gain +3. TBD Scosglen
Aspect of Quicksand Utility Damage from Earth Skills Slow enemies hit by 25% for 5 seconds. TBD Scosglen
Stormshifter's Aspect Utility While Hurricane is active, gain +3 to your Shapeshifting Skills. TBD Kehjistan

Note: It is unknown whether there are additional Legendary Aspects for the Druid class to find at the time of writing—this page uses information from WoWHead. If additional information becomes available, we will update the list.

That concludes the list of Legendary Aspects and Abilities available to the Druid class in Diablo 4. Naturally, we will update this table as more information becomes available, but in the meanwhile, as we wait for Diablo 4's release on June 6th (2nd for Early Access), watch the video below to discover more about Diablo 4's Sanctuary.


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