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Diablo 4 Lilith's Lament: How To Beat Final Act 1 Boss

Lilith's Lament is the final boss of Act 1 in Diablo 4. Here's how you can beat him.
Diablo 4 Lilith's Lament: How To Beat Final Act 1 Boss

Diablo 4 features a massive open world with plenty of story missions, side quests, events, dungeons, and other activities for you to pursue. 

The final boss of Act 1 in Diablo 4 is Lilith's Lament. He's arguably one of the most challenging early-game bosses. Suppose you're struggling to defeat this vicious demon; fret not. Here's how you can beat Lilith's Lament in Diablo 4. 

Update on 29 May 2023: We've updated this article to reflect the latest strategy to beat Diablo 4 Act 1's final boss, Lilith's Lament.

Where To Find Lilith's Lament In Diablo 4

As mentioned previously, Lilith's Lament is the final boss of Act 1 in Diablo 4. You can find him in the Central Chamber of Serpent'sPassage

How To Beat Lilith's Lament In Diablo 4

Lilith's Lament has both melee and ranged attacks, so whether you're playing as a Barbarian or Sorcerer, you have to consistently move around the arena to avoid his attacks. 

As soon as you enter the arena, Lilith's Lament will spawn multiple red-brown pools. Do not step on these as they deal a ton of damage. This is also your cue to not remain stationary for more than a few seconds. He will also occasionally throw purple projectiles toward you, which shouldn't be too hard to avoid. 

liliths lament boss guide
Watch out for the red-brown pools. (Picture: Youtube -ZaFrostPet)

After you have chucked away one-fourth of his health, a Knight Penitent will appear to aid you. As soon as they appear, Lilith's Lament will cover the entire arena with red goo. Quickly take shelter under Knight Penitent's shield to avoid any damage.

Once things go back to normal, Lilith's Lament will have picked up a few new tricks. The first is a wide-ranged sweeping attack that can kill you immediately. Thankfully, you can see its range, and there's just enough time between when he lifts his tail and swings it at you for you to avoid it.
The red-brown pools will appear again, but in addition to the ones that remain fixated on the floor, there will be moving pool waves that deal additional damage. Sometimes the regular pools, the moving pools, and the sweeping attack all happen simultaneously, so you best be prepared to run out of harm's way when they happen. 

lilith lament boss
Take shelter under Knight Penitent's shield. (Picture: Youtube - ZaFrostPet)

If you're using a melee class, you will probably have much more difficulty avoiding these when compared to using a ranged class, but fret not. You have nearly beaten him. 

The Knight Penitent will also chip in and deal occasional damage to Lilith's Lament. Utilize these little moments of distractions to go behind him and deal successive high DPS attacks.

Soon, he will once again cover the entire arena in red goo. Again, take shelter within Knight Penitent's shield. Once his health is halfway down, Lilith's Lament will start throwing a flurry of purple projectiles in all directions. Continue walking at the angle of projectiles to avoid them. 

Lilith's Lament will continue these attacks until he is dead. Keep moving around the arena, and sweep in to deal damage only when you see an opening. Doing so and avoiding all the attacks mentioned above will eventually take him down. 

What Loot Does Lilith's Lament Drop?

Like every boss in Diablo 4, Lilith's Lament drops random loot. However, you can expect at least one legendary and magic item to drop. 

For a visual guide, we recommend checking ZaFrostPet's Youtube video. 


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