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Is Deckard Cain In Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is near its global release; however, players wondered if the scholar Deckard Cain would appear in-game as we explored his backstory.
Is Deckard Cain In Diablo 4

Deckard Cain, one of the most popular supporting characters in the Diablo franchise, assisted players in their journey due to his sage words and informative information. Previously a Horadric scholar, Deckard often provides you with knowledge into the history of the arcane school of magic while adding some cryptic details to the game's lore.

As Blizzard will launch Diablo 4 for console and PC on 6th June 2023, it's unclear if this scholar and friendly companion will provide more intriguing information as we explore Sanctuary in pursuit of Lilith. Like Deckard Cain, we've found ourselves deep within the lore books to explore Deckard's backstory to determine if he'll appear in Diablo 4.

Who Is Deckard Cain In Diablo 4?

He's often described as a friendly, informative character who continues to dedicate his life to pursuing knowledge. He had also sought asylum at Sanctuary as a means of protection as he was always inviting you to be educated by yet another one of his famed stories and, for many players, was a beacon of hope in a time of chaos, destruction, and despair.

diablo 4 characters guide deckard cain character profile backstory diablo 2 resurrected knowledge lore
Deckard Cain becomes a trusted ally throughout the events of the Diablo franchise, imparting knowledge and providing plenty of game lore. (Picture: Blizzard)

He took a great liking to sketching and continued practicing this art form well into his later years. As a figure keen on the power of knowledge, he was often found reading and researching, especially into arcane magic, weapons, and various items.

Deckard made his first appearance in Diablo before continuing to reappear in subsequent sequels and spin-off projects. When exploring Tristram, he assisted you by analyzing the items you've discovered for a small fee, and in turn, he provided information on the item in question.

While he later reveals his identity to you, he becomes a close ally and companion throughout the various Diablo games following his first appearance. He gains a story quest in Diablo 2 as you venture on a mission to locate Deckard after he went missing; once you've found him, he continues to travel alongside you and will analyze items free of charge.

diablo 4 characters guide deckard cain character profile backstory diablo 2 resurrected search for cain quest
Players will be sent on a quest to find Deckard Cain, who demons had captured. (Picture: Blizzard)

Should you not attempt to rescue Deckard, another group will find him, and he'll charge you a fee to identify items. He will be later seen in Wortham, Westmarch, and after his workshop in Diablo Immortal, for which he'll introduce you to Rayek and the Helliquary before granting you the Jered Cain's Vision after completing various questlines before appearing briefly in Diablo 3.

Deckard Cain also appeared in another Blizzard property, Heroes of the Storm, as a healer/support character. His abilities were based on his Horadric knowledge and the use of utilizing various potions, which granted players healing effects that could be retrieved from the ground.

Will Deckard Cain Be In Diablo 4?

His past continued to haunt Deckard throughout the Diablo franchise due to what he endured during his childhood in Tristram; he did his best to save the town but failed. While he served as a companion while providing you with as much information and lore with every in-game appearance, he tried to make amends for the guilt he experienced, which led to his continued efforts in his studies before making peace with himself.

In Diablo III, he was spotted in the early portions of the game before reemerging in the final acts as Nephalem could encounter him in spirit form. This confirmed that Deckard was killed sometime during the events of Diablo 3, according to Blizzard, by the hands of Leah to heighten the "emotional stakes" for the characters involved, including your player.

As for whether he'll appear in Diablo 4 is unknown as of writing, but considering he appeared in spectral form towards the end of Diablo 3, he may briefly be seen as such. Given the character's popularity within the Diablo community, Blizzard could have produced a side quest where you'll have to perform one last mission to acquire all the knowledge he had gathered throughout his multiple in-game appearances.

Another way he may make an appearance is by leaving behind his books which he may have written some key details that could aid you in Sanctuary and in defeating Lilith. Either way, players will certainly love having Deckard Cain around, although momentarily, to continue assisting you from the grave in every way he can.


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