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All Diablo 4 Crafting Challenges & Title Rewards

Learn about all the Diablo 4 crafting challenges players can complete and the title rewards they can earn in the process.
All Diablo 4 Crafting Challenges & Title Rewards

While Diablo 4's crafting system isn't very complicated, it is expansive, with a Jeweler, Blacksmith, Alchemist, and more ready to help you in all hubs of each region. There are also some challenges attached to crafting in Diablo 4.

This guide explains all the Diablo 4 crafting-related challenges, how you can complete them, and the rewards in the form of player titles that Nephalem can earn on their way to level 100, so let's get started.

Update on 12 July 2023: We've updated this article with more Diablo 4 crafting challenges and title rewards players can earn.

Diablo 4 Crafting Challenges & Rewards

Diablo 4 crafting challenges complete how to requirements player title rewards
The Blacksmith watching you complete all the crafting challenges in Diablo 4. (Picture: Blizzard)

From extracting Legendary powers at the Occultist to collecting a specific number of resources such as Ore and Herbs, there are well over a dozen crafting challenges to complete in Diablo 4.

Below, you can find a table that outlines every single crafting challenge available in the launch version of Diablo 4 and the title rewards players can earn, thanks to the in-game challenges menu from the Open Beta and Server Slam test.

D4 Crafting Challenge Name How To Complete Title Rewards
Miner Collect 500 Iron Ore and 175 Silver Ore. Diligent, Miner
Herbalist Collect 250 Gallowvine and 75 of all other common and uncommon herbs.
Gallowvine(250), Reddamine(75), Biteberry(75), Blightshade(75), Lifesbane(75), Howler Moss(75)
Ardent, Herbalist
Skinner Collect 250 Rawhide and 100 Superior Leather Cutting, Skinner
Dreadful Ingredients Gather 100 of each Monster Part.
Demon's Heart(100), Paletongue(100), Gravedust(100), Crushed Beast Bone(100)
Ferocious, Tracker
Salvager Salvage a common, Magic, Rare, and Legendary item. Resourceful, Salvager
Armorsmith Upgrade a piece of Armor. Apprentice, Armorer
Jeweler Upgrade a piece of Jewlery. Novice, Jeweler
Weaponsmith Upgrade a weapon. Iron, Smith
Gifted Armorsmith Upgrade a piece of armor to Tier 5. N/A
Gifted Lapidary Upgrade a piece of Jewelry to Tier 5. N/A
Gifted Weaponsmith Upgrade a piece of Weapon to Tier 5. N/A
Expert Tinkerer Upgrade 100 items. N/A
Well Supplied Collect every common, uncommon, and rare crafting material.
Iron Ore, Rawhide, Gallowvine, Biteberry, Howler Moss, Reddamine, Lifesbane, Blightshade, Angelbreath, Demon's Heart, Paletongue, Grave Dust, Crushed Beast Bones, Silver Ore, Superior Leather, Veiled Crystal, Scattered Prism
Prepared, Harvester
Legendary Supplies Gather all legendary crafting material.
Coiling Ward, Abstruse Sigil, Baleful Fragment
Legendary, Scavenger
Expert Herbalist Gather an Angelbreath and a Fiend Rose. Thorough, Florist
Aspect Apprentice Extract an Aspect Crystal from a Legendary item. Crystalline, Blessing
Codex Commander Imprint an item at the Occultist with an Aspect from the Codex of Power. Essential, Power

More crafting challenges might be added in the future, especially during subsequent seasons and expansions. This table will be updated accordingly.

In case you missed it, learn more about the unique classes in Diablo 4 in an official video from Blizzard below. 

That's all the crafting challenges we know about thus far in Diablo 4, the requirements to complete them, and the player title rewards to earn. We will endeavor to update this article if any more challenges gets added.

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