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Diablo 4 Healing Vial (Potions): Levels, Upgrade Costs & Effects

Everything you need to know about the Healing Vial in Diablo 4, from the upgrade costs and level requirements to its increasing effects.
Diablo 4 Healing Vial (Potions): Levels, Upgrade Costs & Effects

In Diablo 4, players all carry Healing Vials that store a limited number of Healing Potion charges for use in the battle against the followers of Lilith. It is arguably one of the most important items for your character, so this guide teaches you how to upgrade Healing Vials in Diablo 4.

We cover the level and upgrade materials required to increase the power of your Healing Vial in Diablo 4, alongside how these upgrades affect the all-important mechanic, so let's get started.

Update on 24 March 2023: We've updated this article with the latest information on Healing Vials aka Potions in Diablo 4.

Learn about the Diablo 4 Open Beta update and the issues/troubles players can expect when it kicks off on 24 March at 09:00 PST.

Please note: The Healing Vial information in this article is from the Diablo 4 Open Beta weekends and is subject to change at launch. As such, we will consistently update this article to bring you the latest possible information.

Diablo 4 Healing Potion Upgrade Cost, Levels & Effects

diablo 4 healing vial potion upgrade level alchemist materials effects requirements
World Bosses drop Healing Vial charges in Diablo 4 once certain health percentages are reached. (Picture: Blizzard)

To start upgrading your Healing Vial, you will first need to unlock the Alchemist crafting vendor in Diablo 4. The Healing Vial has five (5) charges that can be replenished by picking up certain drops from killing or damaging strong enemies, elites, and bosses.

To get started, players will have access to five (5) charges, but they will start with a Weak Healing Vial. That's pretty weak... so how do you upgrade it?

Please note: At the time of writing, the information featured in the table below is from early beta details and is subject to change. This article features details from WoWHead. We will update the list as soon as more information becomes available.

diablo 4 healing vial potion upgrade level alchemist materials effects requirements
More Healing Vial charges can be acquired, as you can see the Sorcerer with eight. (Picture: Blizzard)

Check out the table below featuring all the known Healing Vials in Diablo 4, including their level requirements, material upgrade cost, and effects on the player's character.

Healing Vial Type & Level Healing Potion Effect Material Upgrade Cost
Weak Healing Vial (Level 1)

Heals 18 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds. None
Tiny Healing Vial (Level 10)

Heals 48 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds. 8 Gallowvine
250 Gold
Minor Healing Vial (Level 20) Heals 80 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds. 15 Gallowvine
5 Biteberry
400 Gold
Light Healing Vial (Level 30) Heals 141 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds. 20 Gallowvine
10 Biteberry
5 Crushed Beast Bones
470 Gold
Moderate Healing Vial (Level 45) Heals 255 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds. 20 Gallowvine
12 Howler Moss
5 Demon's Heart
900 Gold
Strong Healing Vial (Level 60) Heals 378 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds. 27 Gallowvine
15 Reddamine
5 Paletongue
1,700 Gold
Greater Healing Vial (Level 70) Heals 559 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds. 36 Blightshade
18 Lifesbane
5 Grave Dust
5 Angelbreath
2,500 Gold
Major Healing Vial (Level 80) Heals 827 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds. 27 Reddamine
27 Biteberry
27 Blightshade
27 Lifesbane
27 Howler Moss
10 Angelbreath
5 Fiend Rose
5,000 Gold
Superior Healing Vial (Level 90) Heals 1,274 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds. 36 Blightshade
36 Howler Moss
20 Demon's Heart
20 Grave Dust
20 Angelbreath
10 Fiend Rose
10 Forgotten Soul
12,500 Gold

That's all the Healing Vial upgrade requirements, material costs, and effects we know about thus far. Again, this is based on early beta info and might change before the game launches.

While you wait for Diablo 4 to get unleashed on 6 June 2023 (or 2 June for Early Access) or the Open Beta weekends, why not learn more about the world of Sanctuary in the video below?

So there you have it, all the Healing Vial upgrade costs and level requirements in Diablo 4, alongside their increased effects per level. We will endeavor to update this article if/when any information changes.


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