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Diablo 4 Battle Pass Differences, Explained

Diablo 4 will include three battle passes for players to progress and claim rewards. Here are the differences between them for Diablo 4.
Diablo 4 Battle Pass Differences, Explained

Diablo 4 is nearing its release, and as such, developer Blizzard has officially explained the contents of the game’s Battle Pass system. They indicated each Battle Pass’ pricing and revealed a complete walkthrough of how they work and the rewards earned.

With the Battle Passes set to be launched alongside the game’s first season post-launch, we also learned the differences between each Battle Pass. This guide explains what’s included in each Battle Pass and the differences between them for Diablo 4.

Update on 21 July 2023: Feast  your eyes on all 90 Diablo 4 Battle Pass tiers and rewards for Season 1.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass: What Are The Differences?

Blizzard will introduce a Battle Pass system with the next entry in the Diablo franchise, Diablo 4, as a way for players to earn various tiered rewards. The developer detailed during the recent Developer Update Livestream and the following recap post on the Battle Passes and the differences between each type of Battle Pass.

diablo 4 battle pass guide what are the differences free battle pass
Diablo 4 will include three Battle Pass types, including the Free Battle Pass, for you to complete and unlock rewards. (Picture: Blizzard)

For the game specifically, there will be three variations of the Battle Pass, namely the Free Pass, the Premium Pass, and the Accelerated Pass, as the latter two can be purchased using Platinum. The differences between each Battle Pass vary in pricing, rewards, items additional bonuses.

As self-explained, the Free Battle Pass is free as you can earn rewards for playing, including Smouldering Ashes. What is Smouldering Ashes, you may ask? This resource can be used towards the Season Blessings which you’ll receive bonuses for earning Gold, Obols, and XP.

This depends on how you spend your Ashes and on which Blessings you can have more than one active. All Season Blessings bonuses will remain active until the end of the season before reactivating it for the next season, and getting Tier Skips will not give players any advantages.

diablo 4 battle pass guide what are the differences smouldering ashes season blessings
You can spend the Smouldering Ashes towards the Season Blessings for various bonuses. (Picture: Blizzard)

As it does influence gameplay, you’ll need to meet specific requirements, like character level, before being allowed to claim the Smouldering Ashes. The two paid Battle Passes can be acquired in-game using Platinum, which can be bought using real-world currencies.

For context, the Premium Battle Pass is priced at 1,000 Platinum, which according to Blizzard, is equivalent to $9,99 or your local currency; while the Accelerated Battle Pass is 2,800 Platinum or around $24,99 or your local currency. Regarding the rewards you can earn from the Premium Battle Pass, all the tiers locked in the Free Battle Pass will be unlocked, meaning more unique cosmetics for the current season.

And finally, the Accelerated Battle Pass is the best of both worlds, as you’ll gain access to all the tiers from the Free and Premium Battle Passes. Additionally, you’ll get 20 Tier Skips and a unique cosmetic item to equip your character.

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