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Best PC Settings For Diablo 4: How To Get Max FPS & Performance

Learn how to optimize your gameplay experience with these PC settings, offering the best performance and max FPS in Diablo 4!
Best PC Settings For Diablo 4: How To Get Max FPS & Performance

Are you looking to get the most out of your Diablo 4 gaming experience? Well, look no further! One of the best ways to enhance your gameplay is by optimizing your PC settings to get the best performance and max FPS in Diablo 4. This is especially important if you don't have a high-end gaming setup.

But fret not. In this guide, we'll show you how to optimize your gameplay with the best graphics settings in Diablo 4 for Windows PC, which will help you achieve a smoother and overall better in-game experience. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into Diablo 4 like never before with these easy-to-follow steps and tips.

Best PC Settings For Diablo 4 (Max FPS)

This guide will provide you with a list of the best in-game settings for Diablo 4 to help you balance the best possible gameplay experience and maximum FPS. Of course, these settings are tailored to users with near-minimum PC system specifications for Diablo 4 and might not apply to those with more elaborate setups.

Diablo 4 Best Graphics Settings

Display Fullscreen
Adapter [Ensure your dedicated graphics card is set]
Monitor [Select your desired monitor]
Resolution [Select the native resolution of the monitor]
Refresh Rate [Select the native refresh rate of the monitor]
Sharpen Image 6-7
Font Scale Medium
Cursor Scale Small
HDR Disable
Vertical Sync Enable
Lock Cursor Disable
Peripheral Lighting Enable
Brightness [Calibrate your preferred brightness]
Resolution Percentage 100%
Temporal Reconstruction Disable [Enable if DLSS is Off]


Max Foreground FPS [Depends on monitor refresh rate]
Max Background FPS 8
Texture Quality Low - Medium
Anisotropic Filtering 2x
Shadow Quality Low
Dynamic Shadows Disable
Soft Shadows Disable
Shader Quality Low - Medium
SSAO Quality Low
Fog Quality Low - Medium
Clutter Quality Low - Medium
Fur Quality Low
Water Simulation Low
Anti-Aliasing Quality Low
Geometric Complexity Medium
Terrain Geometry Detail  Medium
Physics Quality Low
Particle Quality Low
Reflection Quality Low
Screen Space Reflections Disable
Distortion Disable
Low FX Enable [if you are still struggling]
In addition to the PC settings listed, we recommend enabling the Screen Shake Effects and Combat Hit Flash options in the Gameplay menu.

It's important to note that the PC settings we provide for Diablo 4 may vary depending on your native system specifications. For example, higher-end rigs may get away with setting most of the settings to high or ultra, while lower-end rigs may need to sacrifice some game quality to achieve better performance. Therefore, it's important to experiment with the settings to find the right balance between game quality and performance that works best for your PC.

best graphics settings diablo 4 pc
These settings will give you the max performance and visuals in Diablo 4. (Picture: Blizzard / YouTube Kephren)

Best PC Settings For Diablo 4: Windows Optimizations

If you're a Windows 11 PC user, you can further optimize your PC for Diablo 4. First, turn on Game Mode by accessing the Gaming tab in the Settings menu. This setting helps optimize your PC's resources by turning off other background activities while you play. While you're there, disable Xbox Game Bar, which can cause stuttering and other graphics issues.

In addition, disable Captures such as background recording and recorded audio, which can also eat up system resources. Finally, if you have an NVIDIA 1000 series graphics card or higher, you can enable the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling option in the Display > Graphics > Default graphics settings menu.

To get the best graphics experience in Diablo 4, it's important to ensure that you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card. This will ensure that your hardware can run the game at the optimal settings. Additionally, many graphics cards come with a control panel that allows for customized options that can further enhance your gameplay experience. However, for most players, the default settings should be sufficient. Lastly, set your Power Plan to "High Performance," especially if you're playing on a laptop.

And that concludes our guide on the best PC settings for Diablo 4. It's worth noting that some of these optimizations might not be available for previous Windows operating systems.

Best PC Settings For Diablo 4: How To Get Max FPS & Performance FAQ

How can I optimize my Windows PC for Diablo 4?

Enable Game Mode in Windows 11, disable Xbox Game Bar, turn off captures, update graphics drivers, and consider enabling Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling if you have an NVIDIA 1000 series or higher.

Do I need a high-end gaming setup to play Diablo 4 at optimal performance?

No, the provided settings in our guide are tailored for users with near-minimum PC specifications. Higher-end setups may achieve better results by adjusting settings to high or ultra, while lower-end setups may need to sacrifice some game quality for performance.

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