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Diablo 4 Lord Avitus Location, How To Beat and Loot Drops

Lord Avitus is a dungeon boss in Diablo 4. Here's everything you need to know about them, including their location, loot drop, and how to defeat them.
Diablo 4 Lord Avitus Location, How To Beat and Loot Drops

Like its predecessors, Diablo 4 is an action RPG that emphasizes pursuing loot and buildcrafting. While loot drop is random, defeating tougher enemies, like bosses, tends to reward higher-tier gear and items. 

One such tough boss in Diablo 4 is Lord Avitus. If you're struggling to defeat this demon, you're in the right place. Here's how you can beat Lord Avitus in Diablo 4. 

Update on 12 July 2023: We've updated this article with the latest info on the Lord Avitus boss in Diablo 4, including the loot drops and how to beat it.

Where To Find Lord Avitus Boss In Diablo 4

You can find Lord Avitus in the Hallowed Ossuary dungeon. It's east of Kyovashad, in the Fractured Peaks zone of the game. However, keep in mind, that Lord Avitus only appears in the Hallowed Ossuary during the side quest The Dread Martyr. You can start this quest by talking to a dying knight, Sir Cromwell, in the Olyam Tundra zone. 

lord avitus location
You can find Lord Avitus in the Hallowed Ossuary dungeon. (Picture: Shreyansh / Blizzard)

How To Beat Lord Avitus In Diablo 4

Lord Avitus isn't necessarily a tough boss in Diablo 4, though if you're playing solo, expect to get swarmed by other enemies in enclosed spaces, including Lord Avitus. The only strategy for this battle is to keep moving. 

Avitus wields a two-handed sword, which they use to deal slashing and piercing attacks. The most devastating of its attacks is the one where they charge its sword and lung toward you for a devastating piercing attack. As soon as you see this, get ready to dodge, or else you won't just take massive damage but also get stunned temporarily. 

lord avitus boss
Lord Avitus wields a two-handed sword and does vampiric and explosive damage. (Picture: Shreyansh / Blizzard)

If you're using a long-ranged class, it's easy to deal damage from afar. However, if you're playing a short-ranged class, like Barbarian, prepare to take a lot of damage. Lord Avitus is incredibly mobile, and to beat them, you will have to be mobile as well. Take every opportunity you can between attacks to go behind them. It's best to deal damage from behind, as they don't turn around immediately to counter your attacks.

Since Lord Avitus is a vampire, they may also try and steal your health. Look for the animation where they raise its sword up in the air. Again, it's best to stay afar from them when it happens. 
Keeping these in mind should make this battle a piece of cake. 

What Loot Does Lord Avitus Drop In Diablo 4?

Like other bosses in Diablo 4, Lord Avitus drops random loots. However, you could expect at least one rare and magic item or gear to drop. Defeating Lord Avitus will also complete the Dread Martyr side quest and reward you 2,599 XP. 

lord avitus diablo 4
You can expect random loot drops from Lord Avitus in Diablo 4. (Picture: Shreyansh / Blizzard)

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