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All Diablo 4 Shrines & Buffs

Everything you need to know about Shrines in Diablo 4, including all the types and their effects you can utilize in Sanctuary.
All Diablo 4 Shrines & Buffs

As a returning gameplay mechanic in Diablo 4, Shrines can provide players with nice buffs throughout their journey. Scattered across the world of Sanctuary, players will find a wealth of Shrines to interact with and gain a temporary bonus.

This guide explains all the Shrine types in Diablo 4, their effects/buffs on the player character, and basics such as the duration of Shrine effects in the latest entry of Blizzard's iconic ARPG franchise, so let's get started.

Update on 29 March 2023: We've updated this article with one more Shrine type found in Diablo 4 Open Beta.

The Diablo 4 Open Beta has now ended and we look towards the game's full launch on 6 June 2023, or 2 June for those with Early Access.

Diablo 4 Shrines: Basic Stats & Duration

Diablo 4 shrines buffs effects types duration
Shrines can appear in content that is instanced, such as Strongholds. (Picture: Blizzard)

Not to be confused with the Altars of Lilith, Shrines in Diablo 4 provide temporary buffs to your character. They can be found in the open world zones and in instanced dungeons, Strongholds, and more.

Shrines in Diablo 4 have an effective duration of 30 seconds. The duration, however, can be increased by an Affix on Boots, which allows for up to a 10% increase, making the maximum known duration of Shrine effects in Diablo 4 33 seconds.

Interacting with a Shrine in Diablo 4 adds a basic 35% movement speed increase. It is important to note that even when in a party, all players must click on the Shrine to get its effect. 

All Shrine Types & Buffs/Effects in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 shrines buffs effects types duration
There are seven (7) types of Shrines in Diablo 4. (Picture: Blizzard/WoWHead)

At the time of writing, according to both WoWHead and Maxroll.gg, the best resources for Diablo 4 details, there are seven types of Shrines in the game. We will update this section if more Shrines are found.

In the table below, you can check out all the Diablo 4 Shrine types, their buffs/effects on a character, and a bit of lore text for good measure.

D4 Shrine Type Buffs/Effects Per Shrine in Diablo 4 Lore Text
Artillery Shrine Your Attack Speed is increased, and all attacks summon holy arrows. Divine weapons abet the worthy.
Blast Wave Shrine You periodically explode, damaging enemies around you. Arcane power brings destruction.
Channeling Shrine Your skills cost no resources and have reduced cooldown. Endless harmony dwells within.
Conduit Shrine You can shock and surge through enemies. You are the storm's fury made manifest.
Greed Shrine Enemies drop Gold when hit, and you automatically pick up Gold from farther away. Wherever the brave strike, riches follow.
Lethal Shrine All of your skills deal more damage and Critically Strike. Fate guides the deft hand to strike true.
Protection Shrine You are Invulnerable and Unstoppable. Faith is the shield against darkness.

While you wait for Diablo 4's Open Beta weekends to begin or the game to fully release on 6 June 2023, you can check out the latest dev livestream update video below to learn more about the world of Sanctuary.

So there you have it, all the Shrine types in Diablo 4, alongside the effects/buffs and basic stat increases for their duration. We will endeavor to update this article if more Shrine types are found or if any of the information changes.


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