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Best Diablo 4 Class & Build For Beginners in Beta

Struggling to find out what the best beginner class is in Diablo 4? We've got you covered.
Best Diablo 4 Class & Build For Beginners in Beta

With Diablo 4's Early Access Beta featuring three classes and the subsequent Open Beta featuring all five classes, those new to the ARPG genre might be wondering what the best class for beginners is. 

This guide explains the Diablo 4 best class for beginners, which should make your first trip into Sanctuary a bit easier, so let's get started.

Update on 23 March 2023: Don't forget that you can play in the Diablo 4 Open Beta running from 24 to 27 March 2023.

Best Diablo 4 Beginner Class

Diablo 4 best beginner class builds difficulty levels barbarian sorcerer
The Barbarian is ready to smash enemies to bits in Sanctuary. (Picture: Blizzard)

While your first challenge might be to overcome connection issues due to an influx of players on the Diablo 4 servers and the dreaded Error 34202, the second challenge will be picking your class. For beginners, this could be daunting, so we are here to help.

Beginners should scream, "Bul-Kathos Guides My Hand!" and pick the Barbarian class, in our opinion. It is the tankiest of the bunch, allowing you to take more hits as you get used to the enemies in Diablo 4. Further, thanks to the Arsenal system, you can test out a range of weaponry. As a bonus, the Barbarian, with the right build, has more mobility than other classes in the game.

The Barbarian is the best class for beginners in Diablo 4, not only due to its survivability and speed, but since it is very item-dependant, you will quickly learn the ropes of inventory management and upgrading gear.

Check out our best Diablo 4 Barbarian build, which we call "Bleed Them Dry." The name signifies the build's propensity to Whirlwind into a pack of enemies, and then you can just watch them bleed to death like the good son/daughter of Bul Kathos that you are. 

Diablo 4 best beginner class builds difficulty levels barbarian sorcerer
Picking the Sorcerer in Diablo 4 is a good choice for beginners who love staying at range. (Picture: Blizzard)

For those who really don't love melee combat, we recommend the Sorcerer. Check out our best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4, called "Popsicle Power," which is all about freezing enemies, resource generation (Mana), and enhanced survivability.

Remember, this is for the Early Access beta of Diablo 4, which only features the Sorcerer, Barbarian, and Rogue classes. If you want to check out the Rogue, we've got the best build for this "advanced" class.

We will endeavor to update this article for the Open Beta next week since two more classes, the Necromancer and Druid, will become available for testing. We do believe that the Necromancer focusing on Summons would be another great class for Diablo 4 beginners...but will it be the best?

Please note: This best class for Diablo 4 beginners article is based on the opinion of the author.

Lastly, remember there are two World Tier difficulty levels to choose from in Diablo 4's beta weekends. If you are completely new to the franchise, we suggest picking Adventurer. However, Veteran does hold some benefits, such as increased XP and loot drops, and it really isn't all that much of a difficulty increase.

While you wait to get your chance to play Diablo 4 and test out the best beginner's class, why not learn more about Sanctuary's dark and gothic world in the video below?

So there you have it; the best Diablo 4 class for beginners is the Barbarian, with an alternative being the Sorcerer if you want to take on the followers of Lilith and the hordes of the Burning Hells at range. If anything changes, we will endeavor to update this article.


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