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Diablo 4 Ashava Season 1 Spawn Times, Location, and How To Beat Easily

Find out when the Diablo 4 World Boss Ashava spawns during Server Slam, including the exact dates and times, alongside the level requirement.
Diablo 4 Ashava Season 1 Spawn Times, Location, and How To Beat Easily

In Diablo 4, world bosses are usually gatekeepers to the next World Tier difficulty, but for the upcoming beta weekends, Blizzard is giving players a taste of the Diablo 4 world boss Ashava. This devastating, massive creature has been described as an "enormous killing machine" by the developers, and you can face her in Diablo 4 if you know when and where Ashava spawns.

This article explains what you need to be able to take on the Ashava world boss in Diablo 4, as well as the times she spawns, so ready those weapons, and let's get started.

Update on 19 July 2023: We've updated this article with the exact dates that the Diablo 4 world boss Ashava will spawn.

Looking for more Diablo 4 world bosses? We've got you covered with complete guides on Wandering Death and Avarice.

Diablo 4 Ashava World Boss: Player Count & Level

Diablo 4 Ashava spawn times location how to beat
Bring some friends along to beat Ashava! (Picture: Blizzard)

For launch, Ashava is level 25, so players will have to be close to or also level 25 to have a chance at defeating her. In a developer livestream update, Joe Shely explained:

One of the really cool things about the world bosses, you can just show up there. There will be other people for you to work together to defeat the boss. These are huge bosses. The camera actually pulls so you can get a better view of the battlefield and see other people fighting the boss. It has huge attacks that affect a very large area of the world, and it is all seamless, you just show up there. There will be other people, and you don't have to have a group or organize anything in particular.

To make it clear, up to 12 people can go against a world boss per server instance. The recommended level is 20 for the world boss in the Diablo 4 Server Slam.

If you manage to take Ashava down, there is a sizeable loot drop that awaits. However, this Diablo 4 World Boss doesn't spawn all that often and only at specific times.

Diablo 4 Ashava Spawn Times

Diablo 4 world bosses spawn at curious times, including Ashava. Don't worry, however, as we have you covered with a World Boss Spawn Time tracker!

Where to Find Ashava's Location In Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Ashava spawn times location how to beat
The exact location where Ashava spawns in Fractured Peaks. (Picture: D4Planner.io)

To find the formidable world boss, Ashava the Pestilent, head to The Crucible - an eastern region of Fractured Peaks. When the boss is about to spawn, a tooltip will notify you to proceed toward the designated spot on your map in Diablo 4.

You will have 10 minutes to get there before the boss spawns, with a countdown timer on your map. The image above shows Ashava's exact spawn location.

How To Beat Ashava In Diablo 4 Easily

Diablo 4 Ashava spawn times location how to beat
Bring some friends along and avoid her massive attacks! (Picture: Blizzard)

The most important thing you need to know about beating Ashava is that players should work together to throw out Crowd Control effects to fill the boss' Stagger Bar. Once it is filled, Ashava is stunned for 12 seconds. At this point, throw out the highest DPS skills you can. Ashava's arm blade breaks permanently when staggered, making her less deadly for the rest of the fight. 

Saying behind the boss at her feat is the best way of avoiding damage while avoiding the poison circles as well. Her Double Swipe ability has a massive attack radius, but you'll see Ashava build up this attack, so run away from her at this point.

Evade her leap by rushing away once you see her in a pouncing stance, and move to her side when she gears up to make a Ground Pound attack.

We recommend that if you are playing with a group of friends, you craft and use some Incense, which will help make the fight easier. Remember, you have 15 minutes to beat Ashava before the world boss fight is over and she despawns, so make sure to kill in time! 

Loot rewards for beating Ashava is random, just like the other world bosses. If you are lucky, you can get some nice Legendary items and maybe even a unique drop. There are also the standard XP, Gold, and crafting materials rewards.

Ashava, just like Wandering Death and Avarice, drops a special resource only found on world bosses called Scattered Prism. Scattered Prisms are one of the main reasons for killing a world boss, used to add sockets to certain items in Diablo 4.

We suggest watching YouTuber wudijo's excellent video below explaining how you can defeat this powerful world boss during the Server Slam test with relative ease.

So there you have it, everything we know about when Ashava spawns in Diablo 4, how you can beat her, the exact world boss spawn location, and more. We will endeavor to update this article if anything changes.

Diablo 4 Ashava Season 1 Spawn Times, Location, and How To Beat Easily FAQ

How often does Ashava spawn?

The World Boss, Ashava, is set to make her debut during the upcoming Diablo 4 Server Slam weekend at 9:00 AM PDT on 12 May. Following her initial appearance, she will resurface every three hours, giving players a total of nine chances to defeat her before the Server Slam weekend concludes.

Where does Ashava spawn in Diablo 4?

Ashava spawns in The Crucible, which is a small level 25+ section of the Fractured Peaks on its eastern edge of the map, well to the east of Kyovashad and north-east of Yelesna.

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