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Diablo 4 Cheats: Perma Ban Warning For Game Modification

Blizzard has warned those who use any type of game modification software in Diablo 4, from cheats to simple visual adjustment mods.
Diablo 4 Cheats: Perma Ban Warning For Game Modification

While Diablo 4 Season 1 (Season of the Malignant) didn't go down too well with fans due to several nerfs, Blizzard is already rectifying the situation with the 1.1.1 update. While the developers are navigating the backlash, they've also made their stance on Diablo 4 cheats and game modifications very clear.

Here's what you need to know about Blizzard's stance on any type of unofficial game modification in Diablo 4, including a very popular UI/visual mod.

Diablo 4 Cheats & Mods Stance

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The Butcher might slay players if they use any cheats or mods for Diablo 4. (Picture: Blizzard)

It goes without saying that no one should use cheats in Diablo 4. However, some players believe that mods that do not alter gameplay in any way should be safe, right? Well, according to Blizzard, you can get slapped with a permanent ban for any unauthorized software, which includes mods that just, for example, add better visibility to your UI/item stats.

Taking to the official forums (PC section because there is no way to mod the game on consoles), Blizzard's Community Manager, Adam "PezRadar" Fletcher, shared the developer's stance on Diablo 4 cheats and mods, stating the following:

We are committed to keeping the world of Sanctuary a safe and fair place for all players, and our Game Security team constantly monitors for cheats and unauthorized modifications.

All Diablo IV players agree to the Blizzard EULA as a condition of playing the game. The Blizzard EULA explicitly prohibits cheating, bots, hacks, and any other unauthorized software which automates, modifies, or otherwise interferes with the game. This is important to players’ security as well as the game’s long-term integrity.

With that in mind, we want to make it clear that TurboHUD4, like any game-modifying software, is prohibited for use with Diablo IV. Players who install this kind of software will put their accounts at risk for disciplinary action, which can include permanent suspension.

Blizzard finished things off by thanking Diablo 4 players for keeping Sanctuary "fair to all." As you might have noticed, Blizzard specifically mentioned TurboHUD4. This was a popular mod in Diablo III (called TurboHUD3). It doesn't give players any type of gameplay advantage but does make UI visuals easier on the eyes, and it makes keeping track of stats easier.

To be abundantly clear, no game modifications or unauthorized software should be used to play Diablo 4 unless you don't care about your account. Even if the mod seems harmless, we suggest staying clear!

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