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Diablo 4 Farming Guide: Best Locations To Farm Legendary Items & Gold

Discover the best early-game farm spots for Legendaries and Gold in Diablo 4 so you can get rich fast while decimating your enemies.
Diablo 4 Farming Guide: Best Locations To Farm Legendary Items & Gold

Are you looking for the best farming locations for Legendary items in Diablo 4? Look no further -- you're in the right place. If you're a serious player looking to reach max level and boost your character's power, you know the importance of obtaining the best gear possible. But where are the best spots to find Legendary items in Diablo 4?! Indeed, that is the more daunting issue many players will encounter.

In addition to covering the best farming locations, we'll also share tips on how to get rich fast in Diablo 4. Of course, there are many ways to farm Gold and high-end gear in Diablo 4, but knowing the best and most efficient way is crucial to avoid wasting time. So, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this guide will equip you with everything you need to succeed in Diablo 4.

Updated on 12 May 2023: This guide reflects information that was accurate during the Diablo 4 Early Access Beta. This information is subject to change during the Open Beta and full release version of the game. That said, we will endeavor to update this page regularly so you should bookmark this article for future reference.

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Diablo 4: Best Ways To Farm Gold, Legendary & High-Level Gear

legendary gold farm guide diablo 4
There are many ways to get rich and obtain Legendary gear in Diablo 4. (Picture: Wessel Minnie at GINX)

Below we will discuss the three best ways to farm Legendary items and Gold in Diablo 4. First, we'll cover the Hold Your Ground world event. Second, we'll talk about farming in Animus Carriers in Dungeons, which can be incredibly lucrative. Finally, we'll cover the challenge of fighting "Wrathful" Osgar Reede, a level 35 Elite that drops high-value loot and level 35 power items. Each method is a great source of Legendaries and Gold, so read on to find out where to start.

Hold Your Ground World Event

The first method to farm for Legendary items and Gold in Diablo 4 is by participating in the Hold Your Ground world event. This event is located northwest of the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint in the northern part of the Frigid Expanse region of Fractured Peak. The event is not particularly difficult and scales with your character level, but you must be careful as you take on each of the waves of enemy mobs. Once you complete the event, you can earn various rewards, including XP and Legendaries. The best part about this method is that you can teleport back to your town and return a few minutes later to restart the event. This makes it a very efficient way to farm for Legendary items and Gold repeatedly in Diablo 4.

best farming spots diablo 4
These two locations are situated in close proximity, making them efficient farming routes. (Picture: Diablo Maps)

Anica's Claim Dungeon

Another highly effective way to farm for Gold and Legendary items in Diablo 4 is to head south of the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint to Anica's Claim Dungeon in Malnok. Once you're in the Dungeon, you'll need to defeat Animus Carriers (Elite), each of which drops Legendaries and other high-level gear. This method is so effective because there are many Animus Carriers in the Dungeon, meaning there's a good chance you'll find a ton of great loot.

To increase the amount of Gold you can farm in Diablo 4 during your time in the Dungeon. It would be best to look for and interact with the Greed Shrine. By activating these structures, enemies will drop Gold whenever you hit them. It's worth pointing out that you can also sell any unwanted items you find for extra Gold. While there might be other Dungeons where you can farm Animus Carriers, Anica's Claim Dungeon is close to the Hold Your Ground world event in Diablo 4, making its position the most efficient location for farming Legendaries and Gold.

greed shrines how to get more gold diablo 4
Activate the Greed Shrines for a Gold bonus when hitting enemies in the Dungeon. (Picture: YouTube / TagBackTV)

It's important to note that when your inventory is full while farming in Anica's Claim Dungeon, don't leave the Dungeon. Instead, reset the Dungeon to kick you out and teleport to town to sell your items. Then, return to the Dungeon and start the farming process again. By using this method, you can expect to get about 25,000 Gold per run, which should take around 5 minutes. As a bonus tip, if you find an Aspect you want on any of the Legendaries you find and you don't need the Legendary for an upgrade, you can take it to the Occultist to extract and equip on another item instead of selling it.

Level 35 Elite Osgar Reede

The final method to farm for Gold and Legendary items in Diablo 4 involves fighting the level 35 Elite "Wrathful" Osgar Reede. You can access this Elite by heading to the western part of Nostrava at Camios Landing, which can be reached via the Nostava Waypoint. It's important to note that Osgar Reede is a unique Elite and will require significant skill and care to take down. In addition, this Elite is fire-enhanced, so you need to avoid getting hit as much as possible. Instead, try to kite the boss, landing attacks only when it's safe to do so.

best spot to farm legendaries diablo 4
Osgar Reede is located in Camios Landing in the western part of Nostrava. (Picture: Diablo Maps)

Once you have successfully defeated Osgar Reede, watch out for the explosion at the end of the fight, as it deals significant damage. Ultimately, Osgar Reede will drop high-value loot and level 35 power items. This method can be quite lucrative, but it's essential to ensure that you have the necessary skills and equipment to take on this challenging Elite. So, if you're up for a challenge and want to farm for high-value items, head over to Camios Landing in Nostrava and take on "Wrathful" Osgar Reede.

And that's everything to know about the best farming locations for Legendary items in Diablo 4 and how to get rich fast. We hope this guide has been informative and helpful in your journey toward becoming a top Diablo 4 player. In addition, we want to thank and credit the YouTubers DaOpa, TagBackTV, and The Gaming Brigade for their valuable tips and insights. Please consider subscribing to their channels for more in-depth information and updates on Diablo 4.


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