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Diablo 4 Flesh and Blood Side Quest Guide

This guide will walk you through how to complete the Flesh and Blood Side quest in Diablo 4 and highlight the rewards up for grabs when you complete it.
Diablo 4 Flesh and Blood Side Quest Guide

As you play through Diablo 4, you'll find yourself immersed in quests that will test your strength while pushing the narrative forward. While the main questline has players facing up against the antagonist of the game, Lilith, there are also side quests that offer great rewards for completing them, such as the Flesh and Blood side quest.

This quest can be tedious as there are a few steps you'll need to complete to get through it, but luckily you'll have this guide to help you out. Below you can find a full walkthrough of how to complete the Flesh and Blood side quest in Diablo 4.  

Diablo 4 - Flesh and Blood Side Quest Walkthrough

Flesh and Blood is a Side Quest available in Diablo 4. You can initiate the quest by speaking to Yonca at the Light's Wane in the Fethis Wetlands of Hawezar. Let's go through each step of the quest and how to complete them.

Diablo 4 Quest Flesh And Blood Quest Guide Start Quest in Hawezar
To begin the Flesh And Blood Ques, players will need to head to Light's Wane in Hawezar. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)
  • Find Yonca: 
    • You will find Yonca kneeling beside her deceased horse. Ask her if she is okay, and she will reveal that she has been away from home for ten years without any contact from her family. This will activate the quest and mark your next objective location, which is northwest of your current position, indicated by a blue circle within the Light's Wane.
  • Bring Yonca to the farmhouse: 
    • Lead Yonca into the farmhouse and she will follow you inside.
  • Speak with Yonca: 
    • After a brief monologue, approach Yonca and ask her if the ruined house is her family's home. Your task is to search for clues about her family's whereabouts.
  • Search the farmhouse: 
    • Interact with various clues in the farmhouse to progress. You can find a Storage Chest near the door that contains Windchime Sails. In the north corner, there is a Weathered Box containing her father's pipe. To the west of that, you'll find Kirza's Belongings. Finally, in the south corner, there is Kaan's Note.
  • Speak with Yonca: 
    • Talk to Yonca and inform her that you found a letter and Windchime Sails. It appears that her father chose to take the easy way out.
  • Search for Kaan's remains near the river: 
    • Head northeast, a short distance from the farmhouse, towards the river just before The Devouring Moor. Eliminate all the enemies in the area to make things easier later on.
Diablo 4 Quest Flesh And Blood Quest Guide Part Of Quest
The Flesh and Blood Quest isn't too challenging to complete, but it does require some investigation and exploration of the area. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)
  • Search Kaan's corpse: 
    • Yonca's father seemed to be holding onto something before his passing. Interact with his corpse to retrieve the Windchime Strikers.
  • Give the windchime parts to Yonca: 
    • Approach Yonca, who is grieving, and hand over the Windchime Strikers. She plans to put up the collected Windchimes as a way to remember her father.
  • Help Yonca fix the next windchime: 
    • Since you have cleared the area of enemies, you won't have to worry about Yonca's safety while she puts up the first windchime.
  • Protect Yonca: 
    • Engage in combat while Yonca continues her task. The enemies shouldn't pose a significant threat to you.
  • Help Yonca fix the last windchime: 
    • The last tree where Yonca needs to install the windchime is located southwest of your current position.
  • Protect Yonca: 
    • Similar to the previous step, you must fend off waves of enemies while Yonca puts up the final windchime. This time, you'll hear her mother's voice seemingly coming from the farmhouse.
  • Bring Yonca to the farmhouse: 
    • Return to Yonca's house, which is a short distance to the northwest.

Finally, you'll find Yonca's mother waiting in front of the door. Ask Yonca how her mother managed to survive out there for so long. It appears that the infected are somehow protected from the dangers of the swamp. Completing this conversation will mark the end of the quest.

Diablo 4 Flesh and Blood Side Quest Rewards 

The rewards for completing the Flesh and Blood Quest in Diablo 4 are fairly simple but worth getting for the resources offered and for those looking to clear the game fully. In return for completing the quest, you'll receive the following rewards:

Diablo 4 Quest Flesh And Blood Quest Guide Rewards
The Flesh And Blood Quest rewards are basic but worth getting for the extra resources they provide. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)
  • Renown: +20 Hawezar Renown
  • Gold: Depends on Character Level
  • Experience: Depends on Character Level

And there you have it, a brief and comprehensive look at how to complete the Flesh and Blood quest in Diablo 4, as well as the rewards awaiting you upon its completion. As always be sure to check out our other guides covering the other quests, and confidently push your way through the world of Sanctuary.

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